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Your New 007 Surveillance Gadget: The Robot Vacuum (and, pretty, too.)

Robotic vacuums are not typically part of a home security system and surveillance integration strategy, but as a supplement we think this pretty rose-gold hued LG model is like the modern 007 gadget of home-maker's dreams. It's "The Spy Who Cleans for Me.

LG's newest Hom-Bot robotic vacuum, available this month, merges cleaning and home security into one smartphone-controlled system.

In addition to sweeping up dust and crumbs, the Hom-Bot has front and top-facing cameras that can be accessed through its app at any time. In a true representation of the "smart" vacuum, once it's become accustomed to your home, the Hom-Bot will also automatically snap photos and message them to you if it detects movement in an area of the home or at a time of the day when activity is unusual.

Presenting the Hom-Bot as a competitor to smart vacuums on the market, most notably iRobot's Roomba, LG has added several defining features that set it apart from its competition.

A square-ish rather than rounded shape allows it to edge into tighter corners, and its cameras not only act as a safety measure but also help it more accurately map the room to achieve an efficient cleaning route. Its final feature is a sure appeal to a millennial audience: The vacuum is a rose-hued shade of "metallic gold."


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