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Don't take our word for it.

Here is what our clients have to say...

From planning to scheduling, GenX went above and beyond what was required

to coordinate with staff schedules to ensure minimum impact on daily activities...

it was quickly realized how efficient and knowledgeable GenX was when

discussing the project or associated aspects.  

D. Tyler Morgan, P.E.

Operations Engineer at Easley Combined Utilities

February 5, 2020

Source: LinkedIn 

02.10.20 - Testimonial from Marie Marko

And, sometimes we get security service reports like this...

"Dear kind sir in the pink shirt and kacky pants...

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful thing you did last Thursday. There was a precious 4th grade girl from our girl scout troop who was lost. Because of construction we moved our meeting across the street and she did not know where to go. As you can imagine, she was scared, lost and alone and not sure who to ask for help. I was unaware of any of this when you brought her across the street to the door of Kirk Hall. It was only after I spoke with her mom that I realized what had transpired, how terrified she must have been, and what an amazing thing you did by helping her. Thank you for keeping her safe. Thank you for showing her where to go. Thank you for your kindness and honesty. You were a gift from God for this family and our troop." 

L.D. - Girl Scout Troop Leader, First Presbyterian Church

October 10, 2016

10.04.21 GenX Security 5-Star Testimonial - Roper Mountain HOA Security Cameras Greenville
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