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Small Businesses Are At Risk Without Security Systems

Small businesses are appealing to burglars, thanks to all the computer equipment and electronics in use.

Although businesses are four times more likely to be burglarized than homes, according to SafeWise, few small businesses take many security precautions. Security Magazine indicates only 31% of small businesses take steps to protect themselves from loss.

Security systems are often the first line of defense against break-ins. In fact, the presence of a security system is one reason Draft Sharks chose its former office building.

When Lenny Pappano, president of Rochester, New York-based Draft Sharks, moved his subscription-based fantasy football advice site into an office building a few years ago, he wasn't at all concerned about safety. After all, the building was alarmed.

Except, it turns out, his particular office suite was not. Thieves were able to break in through an open window in an adjacent restaurant, access the building and then breach Draft Sharks' office door.

Although the criminals got away with only about $1,000 of computer equipment, the data on the machines was worth much more than that to the business, Pappano notes. That event changed how his company approaches daily business. "We don't store anything of value on-site. We work on laptops, which we bring home, and we store everything in the cloud," he says.

Can You Afford the Right Security?

Security is a concern for many small companies with people and assets to protect. Fortunately, there are a number of affordable products and systems that can keep burglars out and even monitor professional workspaces and report any activity.


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