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Enhance Business Security in the New Year: Getting Started on Security and Access Control Audits

As we step into the new year, ensuring the security and access control of your commercial property or business is paramount. This comprehensive guide will walk you through a step-by-step business security and access control audit plan, incorporating the latest and most in-demand technologies.

Step 1: Assess Current Security Measures

- Conduct a thorough review of your current security infrastructure, including surveillance systems, alarms, and access control systems.

- Identify any vulnerabilities or outdated equipment that may compromise your security.

Step 2: Identify Critical Assets and Areas

- Determine the critical assets and areas that require heightened security measures, such as server rooms, executive offices, and sensitive data storage areas.

- Prioritize security efforts based on the importance and sensitivity of these areas.

Step 3: Implement Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

- Strengthen access control by implementing MFA for sensitive systems and areas.

- Utilize biometric data, smart cards, or mobile authentication apps to enhance security layers.

Step 4: Upgrade Surveillance Systems

- Invest in high-definition, AI-powered surveillance cameras to improve video quality and analytics capabilities.

- Ensure adequate coverage of all entry points, parking lots, and common areas.

Step 5: Conduct Penetration Testing

- Hire ethical hackers to perform penetration testing to identify and address potential vulnerabilities in your network and systems.

- Regularly update and patch software to protect against known security threats.

Step 6: Review and Update Access Control Policies

- Assess and update access control policies to align with the latest industry standards and regulations.

- Restrict access based on roles and responsibilities, and regularly audit user permissions.

Step 7: Deploy Visitor Management Systems

- Implement advanced visitor management systems to enhance control over guest access.

- Utilize features such as pre-authorization, badge printing, and real-time visitor tracking.

Step 8: Integrate IoT Security

- Secure Internet of Things (IoT) devices within your business environment to prevent potential entry points for cyber threats.

- Regularly update firmware and change default credentials on IoT devices.

Step 9: Utilize Cloud-Based Security Solutions

- Explore cloud-based security solutions for remote monitoring and management.

- Leverage advanced analytics and artificial intelligence for real-time threat detection.

Step 10: Train Employees on Security Best Practices

- Conduct regular security awareness training for employees to educate them on the latest cybersecurity threats.

- Encourage the reporting of suspicious activities and enforce strong password policies.

This step-by-step business security and access control audit plan will get you started on a path to assess and enhance the overall security posture of your commercial property or business. Embracing the latest technologies and consistently updating security measures will help protect your assets and ensure a safe and secure environment for both employees and visitors in the new year.

Contact us for a customized evaluation of your current security measures and free quote on recommended action to take.


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