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Security Cameras Help Explosion Investigators at Murray State U.

Murray State University in Kentucky experienced a natural gas explosion in one of the residence halls during summer break. After examining security camera footage of nearby cameras investigators discovered that the exact moment of the explosion was captured on camera. Investigators are now using the security camera footage to help with the investigation.

From the emergency page of the Murray State University website:

6/29/17 12:15 PM:

From Kentucky State Police (KSP): KSP have transferred control of the explosion scene on the campus of Murray State University to the Kentucky State Fire Marshall’s Office. Based on preliminary investigation, the explosion is believed to have been related to a natural gas release. After consulting with state and federal prosecutors about preliminary findings, the incident is believed to be non-criminal in nature. However, the investigation is ongoing and is expected to take a significant amount of time.

At this time, University officials do not foresee this incident delaying the start of classes. The University’s fall semester is scheduled to begin August 15.

For the full timeline of events around this incident captured by security cameras on campus, please visit the following emergency update page at Murray State University:


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