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How The IoT Will Disrupt Your Business Security in 2017

The Internet of Things (IoT) leverages network connections to communicate between devices and systems, and it is ready to disrupt your business.

Enterprises are already deploying smart devices in may ways: Some IoT capabilities are designed to help organizations manage operations, while others are intended to improve customer-oriented products. In either case, security is a top concern.

Companies that pay attention to the security of their IoT devices can get ahead of their competition and innovate based on real-world feedback.

Five Key IoT Trends

Here are five trends that you should understand and consider before deploying IoT devices.

1. Engagement Across the Enterprise

Connected devices are changing the way employees work together to get more done in less time. Communication enabled through traditional channels such as voice, email and even video conferencing are being supplemented by IoT devices that bring physical presence to a new level.

For example, a shoe company based in the U.S. might design its new lines using CAD software, then send its designs to an offshore facility where the manufacturer creates samples and ships them back for evaluation. This traditional method can take weeks or months before the design is finalized.

But now, shoe companies can use 3-D printers to print and perfect shoe designs in local offices. They then send the final design file directly to a duplicate 3-D printer in the manufacturer’s plant for review and production, reducing the time to market from months to days.

2. Business Intelligence

IoT devices generate large amounts of data, depending on the sensors they contain and how they are programmed. Companies collect the resulting data feeds and analyze them, often in real time, making operations aware of conditions so they can make adjustments to the equipment, examine usage patterns and schedule maintenance.

3. Connecting With Customers

Many customer-oriented appliances, such as thermostats, televisions and security cameras, already include IoT capabilities and deliver information to the manufacturers about usage and malfunctions. Progressive manufacturers make the data they collect from devices accessible to customers and implement alerts and insights to improve the user experience.


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