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GenX Security adds Ava Security Cameras to Superior Brands

We are excited to announce that as of June 25, 2021, GenX Security will be an authorized dealer integrator of Ava Security, specifically their line of professional security cameras.

This addition to our Superior Brands partnership list comes at a time of major shifts in the industry regarding the security concerns of certain security camera brands. We have taken a best-for-our-customers approach when choosing all of our Superior Brands, and Ava Security.

Ava Security is headquartered in Uxbridge (London) and has teams in the US, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, and Poland. GenX Security will work closely with the Greenville, South Carolina office to fulfill our customers' needs in a very timely and secure manner.

The award-winning security cameras from Ava Security are smart, cloud-connected, and AI-powered for any and every need. The current product line incudes:

  • Ava Compact Dome for the indoor environment

  • Ava Dome for indoor and outdoor environments at 4K or 5MP resolution with 3x zoom ability

  • Ava 360 for indoor and outdoor environments at 12MP resolution and 360-degree field of view

Features include:

  • Built-in AI video and audio analytics

  • Easy to install, use, and maintain

  • Cloud-connected deployment and on-board storage

  • 10-year warranty

One of the many things to love about Ava cameras is that the quality of image is incredibly sharp and vibrant in all light conditions.

For a demonstration, a quote, or simply more information, please contact our Director of Sales, Spencer Mehr at 866-598-4369 or

Visit Ava Security at


Experience the next generation of interactive security services and solutions with GenX Security.

With custom security integration solutions come custom quotes designed for your needs. Please contact us by clicking here or calling 866-598-4369.



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