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Four Considerations When Going Digital With Access Control Physical Security

If you're thinking of going digital with your access control system, such as integrating identity management through facial or other biometric recognition, authentication and integrity of the system and privacy must be taken up a significant notch.

Facial recognition and biometrics are big right now. In fact, it's the future. It's easier to copy a keycard than it is a face or a fingerprint, after all. But, when biometrics are entered into the access control equation and identity at this level is digitized, it's a necessity to unify your physical and IT security rather than keep them as separate but cooperating parts.

Two big issues are: privacy in the workplace for employees and FOMO for the company, or, the fear of missing out (by thinking you always have to go high-tech and ignore low-tech solutions.)

While this is a pretty significant topic worthy of research and consideration, and one which GenX Security Solutions can certainly help regarding the decision making process for your organization, there are four key considerations that can help guide along the way:

1. Merging Physical Security and IT Security

With a transition to a digital identity access control system, it's essential to combine the access management system and physical security into a join task rather than separate tasks. This means, merging physical and IT security as a team. Keeping these two departments separate is sure to reveal cracks in the efficiency and effectiveness of your overall security in due time, including internally.

2. Addressing Potential Privacy Issues Up Front

With the incredible future and potential of digital identity access management systems that feature biometrics and IoT sensor comes incredible concerns regarding privacy for both the organization and the people who are affiliated with it. Jumping headlong into an exciting new biometric system without considering and addressing privacy issues, and how they will be prevented, mitigated, and handled could lead to significant setback and thwart the goals and objectives of having these amazing systems in the first place. The time and effort to form a plan and policies are well worth it during the digital transformation process.

3. Know The End Game

In addition to understanding and mitigating potential issues ahead of time, it's important to fully understand and be committed to the reason for having an advanced digital identity access control system in the first place. Think in terms of benefits, cost savings, potential organizational threats, and management. What does the end game look like because of the integration of this system? Without a plan and a clear objective, digital identity could create more risk and system fragility, and impact your return on investment. For the right organization or facility, digital identity access management and control could be exactly the solution that's needed. It can be a game changer, or a game disruptor.

4. Humans Are Still Human

The excitement of information technology and introducing the machine that mimics the human without the emotional flaws is a very seductive trend today. We are at the dawn of the digital era in nearly every aspect of our professional and personal lives. And, why wouldn't that be an enticing proposition to get all the benefits and none of the cons? Or, are there simply new cons? In other words, take a step back from the tech and remember that humans are still humans. There is a definite human component that should not be overlooked when considering the digital/physical security challenge. Without humans there is no connection between the organization and digitization. We are the proverbial glue. And, a critical component of a success digital physical security access control transformation.

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