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Most American Households Use Smart IoT Products - Survey

Have you been holding off on integrating smart home security and technology into your life? Maybe it's time to reconsider? No longer a fad, now smart home tech solutions are a trend here to stay and only get bigger and better! Today, according to a survey by TraQline, 69% of households in the US own a smart product and 60% of those are planning on buying another. And with the sunset of 3g and adoption of 5g, your old products simply won't work without upgrades and greater adoption of better IoT products. Here are some key takeaways:

Don't think this survey is just of experienced and savvy tech users! Of the respondents, 35% are newbies to the smart home product market having made their first purchase and integration within the last 6 months. What this says to us is that there is decreasing intimidation about the ease of use of smart products and that tech companies are becoming more savvy about making their products user friendly for all consumers. We can attest to that as authorized dealers and integrators of the suite of superior smart home and security products!

That's a great thing to know since ease of use is one of the top three factors that influenced a consumer's decision to purchase a smart home product, garnering 50% of that vote. The other two top factors are product purchase price (68%) and security concerns (37%.)

The survey found that once a consumer experienced their first smart home product they wanted to come back for more, with 39% reported that they now plan to purchase a smart thermostat next within the next six months.

But, what about security? Sure, it's great to be able to turn off your lights and set the temperature while you're away, but smart home tech is at it's most impressive when it comes to home security. Of those surveyed, 44% indicated that they intend to purchase a smart home security camera.

If you're wondering if smart home tech will just be another "gadget" that is exciting and cool for the moment but will simply become a tech dust-collector and old ways will override eventually, the survey revealed that once a consumer has adopted smart home technology they report using it two or more times per day!

Smart home happiness and adoption is on the rise. With the 3g sunset beginning Summer 2019, and old technology being incompatible with 5g without an upgrade, maybe it's time to consider how smart home technology could increase your happiness factor with your home security? Give us a call. We are always up to date on the best smart home technology at GenX Security Solutions, we use it in our own homes, and our quotes are always FREE.


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