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Greenville, SC is First Sprint Curiosity™ 5G IoT Smart City

Our town is making waves...5G waves that is. Greenville, South Carolina has been chosen as Sprint's first 5G powered smart city using their Curiosity™ platform technology, as reported by

What does the implementation this innovation mean for Greenville? The objective is to bring smart city use cases to life, by using Greenville, which is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, as well as a means to attract an influx of new tech companies to grow and innovate new 5G technology in Greenville in the near future. For Greenville, the partnership with Sprint as a testing bed for Curiosity™ will focus on smart infrastructure.

Sprint claims Curiosity™ as "The world’s first dedicated, fully virtualized and distributed IoT core network and OS." What does this mean for Greenville? In the near future cellular data and IoT data will run on separate networks, with the goal of greater efficiency and effectiveness of both cellular and IoT devices. Additionally, a certain area of the city will be dedicated for use of "micropositioned" IoT vehicles and drones which can operate in real time. With so many devices currently IoT enabled and with many more to come in the future, ensuring that outages and data loss are minimal if not prevented altogether is a major objective of the 5G network, and with a more connected society including manufacturing and transportation, things can continue to run smoothly and without having to make compromises regarding what gets to use the data and what does not in any event where there are potential shortages.

Image Source: PRNewswire / Sprint

We're excited to see where 5G will take Greenville in the near future and how it will influence and improve the infrastructure of the city as well as transform daily operations of businesses, including our own.

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