Exacq Releases Advanced Situation Awareness Surveillance Technology

If you are in a business where situational awareness and analysis is a critical factor in your overall surveillance strategy, then you'll want to know about exacqVision 8.8 from Exacq.

Version 8.8 was just released by Exacq this fall and in addition to many upgrades it offers new enhanced user controls for administrators. With exacqVision 8.8, operators and administrators will enjoy these, and many other, advanced features:

* Better day-to-day monitoring with enhanced event linking including with PowerSeries Neo virtual zones, the ability to detect hidden foil bags used to trick metal detectors, and being able to embed a webpage into the panel to receive weather updates or breaking news headlines enabling better reaction to events that could affect business operations, employees, and visitors

* Enhanced administrator control over how and when users access the system

* Simplified camera configuration allowing for adding multiple IP cameras at one time and faster ability to find camera location with preview images triggered by simple mouse hovering

* Web and mobile improvements, including improved cybersecurity and video export with Web services

* Additional 3rd party camera options, such as H.265 support for Illustra IP cameras, I\integration with next gen Illustra Flex and Samsung X-Series cameras, and support for Hikvision ISAPI

With these new and enhanced features, exacqVision 8.8 is a situational awareness tech that can truly take locking down any commercial or retail business to a new level while simultaneously decreasing theft, improving identification, and diminishing response time to critical events. If this sounds like a benefit your industrial, commercial, tourist, sporting venue, or retail shop could use, please give GenX Security a call for a site visit, complimentary evaluation and quote.

To read more in-depth about these features, please check out the newly released video below or click here to go to the Exacq blog.

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July 21, 2020

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