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Home Security Tips for a Safe and Secure Return to School

School's back in session officially here in Greenville, South Carolina; and not virtual school with everyone home, but IN-school. Which means, once again many houses in the Upstate will be empty and unattended throughout the day offering more opportunities for home invasions when nobody is home to watch. But, that's just one security issue to be mindful of. As a family-oriented, family-owned business we are 100% committed to the safety and security of our own homes and we not only talk about what you can do, but we DO and deploy exactly what we suggest to our customers for our own homes!

There are a lot of tips out there for keeping your kids safe at home, but we’re going to focus on the two biggest problems – (1) getting them back and forth safely between home and school and (2) keeping them safe at home after school when you aren't home yet. This is especially important if you have more than one child in different schools or if they will be walking alone. With a lot of things happening these days, parents want to make sure that their kids get home safe after school and on weekends.

At GenX Security Solutions we recommend checking out these three ways to keep your kids safer as they go from point A (home) to point B (school). The first thing you can do is look into installing an intercom system that enables you to communicate directly with visitors who come by the house while your children are away at school. Another option is having a camera installed so that when someone rings the doorbell, you can talk through the intercom or see exactly who it is before letting them inside. And, our solutions for home security put it all at your fingertips so you can be notified in a mere moment of all the activity within the designated zones around your home, get alerts of abnormal activity, and see exactly when someone entered the house. With analytics added you can detect cars, people, and maintain records.

We offer affordable security solutions for homes in your neighborhood and for your HOA so you can rest easy knowing that your children will be safer. Our security systems include door locks, window alarms, and motion detectors which work together to ensure that no one is able to enter or leave without triggering an alarm. All our services come with 24/7 monitoring from our highly trained staff who respond quickly if anything happens at your home while you're away. If there's ever a problem our dispatchers will be ready to alert you and the police!

With kids in school and parents at work, this means you need to be extra vigilant about keeping your home secure. The best way to protect your family and belongings this back-to-school season is with GenX Security Solutions. Our team can help you create a custom security plan that will keep your home safe from intruders while still allowing you to live comfortably. We offer 24/7 monitoring with our state-of-the-art alarm system as well as access control systems for doors, gates, garage doors and windows so we can give you peace of mind knowing that only those who should be in your house have access. We also provide smart locks on all exterior doors so even if someone does break in they won't be able to get back inside without using an authorized key fob or code!

Finally, if you are concerned about the neighborhood overall in addition to your home security, please put your HOA board members in touch with us. We have worked with dozens of HOA communities in and surrounding Greenville to enhance the safety and security of both facilities and community entrances with gate control, intercom systems, keyfobs, security cameras, and more. In fact, we've even enhanced the security of our own HOA community! Learn more about our community security work at

Our dedicated residential security webpages are a great place to start learning more about what we can do for you. Get started by visiting the following:

We look forward to making this back-to-school season the safest and most secure time for your family. Please contact us at 866-598-4369 for a fast, fair, and always FREE quote!


Experience the next generation of interactive security services and solutions with GenX Security.

With custom security integration solutions come custom quotes designed for your needs. Please contact us by clicking here or calling 866-598-4369.


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