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ISC West 2024: Our Biggest Take-Aways For Security, Access Control, and Fire Integration

ISC West 2024
The International Security Conference and Exposition - ISC West 2024

In this blog post we take you on a play-by-play of what we found were the biggest take-aways from the International Security Conference and Exposition – also known as ISC West – which is the leading comprehensive and converged security trade event in the United States. This year Wendy Heiks, our CEO, and our Marketing Director, attended two days of the conference held in Las Vegas from April 2nd - 4th.


While industry pros all know what ISC West is, our customers may not. The ISC West conference serves as a hub for professionals in the security sector, including manufacturers, integrators, consultants, and end-users.

At ISC West, GenX Security had the opportunity meet and connect with thousands of industry professionals and company representatives and explore the latest innovations and technologies in physical security, including access control, video surveillance, alarms, cybersecurity, and more. The conference features an extensive exhibition floor where companies showcase their products and services, along with educational sessions, workshops, and networking events.

In addition, ISC West provides a platform for industry stakeholders to connect, exchange ideas, and stay updated on emerging trends and best practices in security technology. It serves as a valuable resource for professionals seeking to enhance security measures and protect assets in various sectors such as commercial, residential, government, and critical infrastructure.

GenX Security
Wendy Heiks, CEO, and Blythe Chambers, Marketing Director - GenX Security


As a licensed integrator, our objectives in attending were as follows:

  1. To meet face-to-face with representatives for our current Vendor Partners efficiently within two days. Meeting with our Vendor Partners in person is essential in building our relationships with them, experiencing demonstrations on current and new technology they are offering, and setting up future meetings about tech we'd like to have more in-depth information on to potentially offer to our customers.

  2. To meet with prospective Vendor Partners who are not yet part of our lineup of Superior Brands, experience their technology, and determine if what they offer would benefit our customers.

  3. To learn about the biggest and most important trends in the industry so that we can stay ahead of the curve for the benefit of our customers and what to expect in the future.

Security Central ISC WEST
Wendy Heiks, GenX Security CEO, and Cathy Lamberth of Security Central.


Our biggest take-away from ISC West is that Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) dominates the field in nearly every way, particularly with regard to security camera technology. Most notably:

  • Machine learning. While A.I. is amazing and the end-user/consumer tends to expect that A.I. should already be perfect and make no mistakes, this is simply not the case. A.I. is heavily dependent upon machine learning. What is important for end-users to know about A.I. is that A.I. software must learn over time, and this time frame for learning will grow shorter and more efficient in years to come. But, right now, any "mistakes" that A.I. software makes is simply part of the process and human involvement is critical in order for A.I. software to become smarter by correcting it when mistakes are made. For instance, if A.I. software for a security camera is told to identify a red bag, there will be a few images the software thinks is a red bag but is not. The human aide must tell the software it has made a mistake in order for it to learn. Biggest take-away with this is, the most benefit gained from A.I. software is dedicated hands-on human assistance to enable machine learning and not assuming it does everything perfectly without help.

Soterix Systems ISC West GenX Security
Machine learning plays a significant role in Soterix Systems A.I. software to identify search parameters accurately.

  • Age-range estimates. One of the most impressive features we saw with A.I. software is the ability to filter by age-range of a human subject. We did see through demonstration that certain factors affect a software's ability to accurately determine an age-range, such as distance, shadows, and quality of camera.

Digital Watchdog A.I. software
Digital Watchdog demonstration showing search results by age range.
  • Highly detailed searches and obscure object detection. Today's A.I. software enabled security cameras go beyond license plate recognition. Searches are becoming far more advanced with the ability to generate images from stored footage based on detailed information such as make, model and color of car, gender, clothing color, clothing types, and more. Multi-parameter searches are also becoming more reliable, meaning that the end-user can input more than one search requirement at one time. In addition, A.I. software is now available that can detect a gun before it is even fired, from multiple angles, and communicate information to end-users and authorities in near real-time.

Omnilert Gun Detection Software
Omnilert Gun Detection software identifies weapons before they are fired.


While A.I. dominated this year, we also took note of the following:

  • There were a large number of foreign companies represented that offer technology that is not NDAA-compliant. NDAA-compliance refers to adherence to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), a U.S. federal law that outlines the budget and expenditures for the Department of Defense. For security technology, NDAA-compliance means meeting the requirements set forth by this act, particularly concerning the procurement of products and services by federal agencies. It's important because it ensures that security technology used by the government meets specific standards for national security, including considerations like supply chain security and the prevention of using equipment from certain banned companies, typically those associated with adversarial nations. Compliance helps maintain the integrity and security of government systems and operations.

  • Customization. Technology today is ever evolving and nearly anything can be customized. The issue is finding products you trust and that where it is sourced from is secure.

  • Mobile credentials are where it's at. Mobile credentials for security and access control involve using smartphones or other mobile devices to replace traditional physical access cards or keys. These credentials are typically stored in an app on the device and can be used to unlock doors, access secure areas, or authenticate identity in various settings such as office buildings, campuses, or residential complexes.

  • Advanced integration of systems. We noticed an abundance of tech that is designed to easily allow the integration of disparate systems for a more efficient and blended total security package

We look forward to bringing the next generation of security, access control, and fire alarm technology to our customers. We hope you enjoy the following images and videos from ISC West. Please reach out to Spencer Mehr, Director of Sales, regarding our current Superior Brands and any technology you find interesting from our conference highlights.

Wave-to-enter technology with customized icons.

Turing Security Cameras
Advanced license plate and vehicle recognition with Turing cameras.

A service dog meets a robotic surveillance dog.

Access control software
Demonstration of access control software.
Occupancy counting software
Occupancy counting software demonstration.
Security Central software
Exploring the newest features of Security Central's software.

GeoVision ISC West
GeoVision Booth at ISC West

The 5,000 sq. ft. Motorola booth at ISC West

Turing security camera solar powered
Solar powered security cameras for remote and harsh locations from Turing

Brivo ISC West
The Brivo booth at ISC West

Elk Products Sirens ISC West
The Elk Products booth at ISC West


Experience the next generation of interactive security services and solutions with GenX Security.

With custom security integration solutions come custom quotes designed for your needs. Please contact us by clicking here or calling 866-598-4369.



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