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The Best Small Business Infrastructure for Video Surveillance

When it comes to small business, today's security options can be as exciting, innovative, and efficient as smart home automation but without the level of integration, cost, and manpower of the security for large commercial projects. Small business owners today are no longer relegated to the boring keypad and now can have mobile apps at their fingertips to control and watch video of their small business security from anywhere with a connection. And, these solutions, which have been based on the most innovative residential security products such as, are in high demand!

If these interactive small business security products are based on innovative smart home security products, the network infrastructure being used by a small business must come into careful consideration and evaluation, particularly when it comes down to data transmission of something as large as video. So, how do you know if your small business has the right infrastructure for these innovative video surveillance and security camera solutions?

For a small business, video surveillance is optimized and offers the most valuable and accurate data insights when there is 24/7 coverage. There are three network infrastructures available for video surveillance small business solutions that we as professional integrators always explore and assess for each customer based on the type of surveillance capabilities desired:

(1) WiFi: Wireless security cameras still need to have a power source to operate, but they transmit video signal over WiFi. The pro of WiFi network cameras is there is far less cabling required by us as the integrator. However, unless you have a strong and fast wireless network, you may experience significant disruption. Additionally, if your WiFi network goes down for whatever reason, you could lose significant chunks of surveillance footage. And, if your WiFi isn't top notch, adding security cameras to the bandwidth could impact anyone and anything also using the network. When we are asked to put in wireless cameras, we always assess the WiFi network available at any small business. If it won't do the job, there are alternatives!

(2) Ethernet with local power: Security cameras on ethernet use a local power source but the video is transmitted over Ethernet cables, which does solve the issue of a small business having a weak, spotty, or overloaded WiFi network issue. However, Ethernet dependent camera systems require a cable run from the camera to a network switch, which, for small businesses, means running the Ethernet cable back to the network room. More labor, more cable, more disruption if the small business space is past the construction phase. The pro is a far more reliable video transmission that isn't sucking up WiFi for small businesses where this could be an issue.

(3) PoE (Power over Ethernet): If any option is the most preferred option for small business video surveillance transmission it's PoE. With PoE there is no local power source required for the cameras, and video data can be transmitted over the Ethernet cables. In addition, this offers both more efficient intstallation and integration as well as consistently high-quality video without potential disruption.

And the winner for the best small business infrastructure for video surveillance? Well, that depends. For us to recommend the most appropriate infrastructure for your small business we must first understand the layout and network options of your location. This includes discussing ports, router location, potential impacts of each type of solutions, and what it will take for installation in terms of the behind-the-scenes integration work that will be involved with your small business security request. In short, it's not as simple as a phone call, nor should it be! You want it done right the first time, and so do we. Let's have a conversation and come up with the best solution understanding the pros and cons of each one presented.

If you are a small business looking for a better, more interactive system, you might enjoy the following article from GenX Security Solutions: A Perfectly Integrated Small Business Security System

GenX Security can work with any type of infrastructure to give your small business the next generation in interactive security technology that will best serve your needs. Our quotes are always free!


Experience the next generation of interactive security services and solutions with GenX Security.

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