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Low Voltage Alarm Technician Jobs in Greenville, South Carolina

At a time when connected homes and businesses are becoming the new normal, you're the unsung hero who comes in with your team and your tools to install, power, and connect the newest technologies that make businesses more efficient, homes smarter, and every type of building more energy efficient and far safer.

But you know, and we know, that you're not just an installer. No, you're also an effective communicator who is happy to demonstrate and explain to less technically savvy customers how to use their newly installed services and technology in a way they can understand to maximize their satisfaction with a job well done! And, because your training and expertise goes beyond just installing, you most likely have a much broader skill set than your electrician counterpart (even if you don't always feel as appreciated as they do by the public -- the public simply doesn't realize all you DO.)

We know who you are: the low voltage technician.

In fact, what you do as a low voltage technician is actually part craftsman and part IT expert, and is anything but "low tech" anymore.

Perhaps it's easy for the lay-person in a fast-paced busy world to overlook how literally everything is becoming "smart" today, but as a low voltage technician you can't help but notice since it's most likely YOU who is interconnecting all of it. Low voltage technicians are the necessary match-maker, so to speak, between smart technology and end users. Without that low voltage connection, and the low voltage technicians connecting them, there's no power behind the "smart" in smart-anything, right? And, that's why as a low voltage technician, you're probably ahead of the curve when it comes to what's out now and what's coming out next.

The reality is that low voltage wiring is practically everywhere! From televisions to cars, and even refrigerators, and there's no end in sight. Here at GenX Security low voltage is what we do, with our expertise and specialization in security systems, burglar alarms, fire systems and alarms, access control, smart homes, smart businesses, surveillance, and any form of technology that can be connected to increase security and decrease fire for our customers.

Interestingly, as everything becomes more integrated and requiring more and more low voltage to interconnect it all together to work, the low voltage technician’s job is one of those few and quickly disappearing professions that are skilled, but do not rely on or require a college degree. The things you've learned probably started long ago when you liked to tinker with and take apart electronics or fool around with your dad's, uncle's, or grandfather's tools. And, it's not surprising that many low voltage technicians are expert car-tinkerers on the side for fun as well.

So, what do we look for in a low voltage technician? For starters, a high school diploma, reliability, a knack for details and trustworthiness - especially since you'll be going in people's homes and businesses.

Are you a low voltage technician living in the Greenville, South Carolina area with reliable transportation, a clean record, and a strong desire to work long-term for a small but quickly growing company that appreciates you? Are you ready to work for a team that loves working together? For a company that's more like family? Are you the kind of low voltage technician that minds their "P's and Q's" and can relate to this great article on how to excel as a low voltage technician in your company?

Find out more about our open positions for low voltage technicians and a lead technician at

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Experience the next generation of interactive security services and solutions with GenX Security.

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