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The Differences Between Types of Security Cameras for Business and Commercial Use

Perhaps you've found yourself here because you've been tasked with the need for finding the right security camera for your business location. Or, perhaps you've received a quote for security cameras for your location but you aren't sure if what you've been quoted is truly what you need. Whatever the reason, you've landed on the right page! In this blog post we won't weigh you down or take up your time with lengthy paragraphs. Instead, we've made a very simple bullet-point list comparing various types of cameras and their major benefits. Plus, if you have any questions know that we are available to help you with our highly talented, educated, and extremely professional customer service. Let's get to the major points so you can make the best decision, without delay!


- Wireless video security camera systems for business applications do offer greater flexibility.

- Wireless cameras are easier to install.

- A wired video surveillance system will require professional installation, but is recommended for businesses that need multiple cameras and enhanced security capabilities.

- Wired systems, depending on the brand, tend to offer clearer images, especially in low light conditions.


- IP cameras are more reliable and offer better quality images.

- IP cameras, depending on the brand and quality, can be more secure and offer a higher resolution.

- IP cameras can often be more cost effective.

- IP cameras enable you to monitor your property from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

- Analog camera systems require costly wiring, which can be difficult to install in commercial buildings.

- Analog video security cameras may be cheaper, not including the cost for wiring.

- Analog cameras are the right choice if you do not want your video footage accessed remotely to prevent any possibility of hacking.

- Analog cameras are better for locations with an in-house security monitoring team or department not requiring internet connection.

- Analog cameras are the right choice if your location does not have consistent internet connection, such as remote or rugged areas.


- Motion-triggered video surveillance will only record footage when motion is detected, saving you hard drive space and expense.

- With a motion-triggered system you save time by not having to review hours of footage that may be useless.

- Motion-triggered systems can save you money on storage and bandwidth.

- Motion-triggered systems are less obtrusive than a camera constantly recording every minute of the day.

- Motion-triggered systems provide the footage you need when it's needed.

- A continuous recording system can be used to provide live monitoring of your location 24/7/365.

- Continuous recording systems will capture any suspicious activity that happens after the motion detector stops working.

- Continuous recording ensures that every minute is captured to help ensure the greatest protection from intrusion, theft and vandalism.


- With the increased demand for surveillance systems, businesses should consider investing in cameras with full-color night vision capabilities.

- This is especially important after hours and during outdoor monitoring as lighting can be low or non existent.

- Night vision cameras help monitor video security systems after-hours, both indoors or outdoors.

- The best commercial surveillance camera can playback crisp, clear images in the dark and are especially helpful for businesses during night hours since they aren't lit by street lamps like outdoor spaces may be at daytime.


- Pan, tilt and zoom cameras give you a lot more flexibility depending on where your security camera is installed.

- These types of surveillance cameras are typically pricier than dome or bullet cams because they offer additional features like zooming in to see if the person trespassing has violent intentions or to get close-up details of people or property in ways that fixed lenses can not.

- Depending on where your video surveillance cameras are installed, you may want the ability to zoom in, rotate or tilt the view for added versatility.


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