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Smarter + Safer Smart Home Technology Ushers in the Future with IOTega

Automation is the future. As human beings today, with the demands of maintaining a household and a certain lifestyle increasing every year, which impacts quality time overall, there must be more automation, particularly within the home. We are at the dawn of smart home technology, and never safer and secure than the IOTega from DSC.

Among the very first home automation technologies out there, besides the mechanized garage door opener, was the now legendary "clapper." For those who don't remember or weren't around then, the clapper was a device that would turn on or off your interior home lights by clapping. It would be either one clap to turn on the lights, or two claps to turn off the lights. Today, people joke about the clapper, but it was the beginning of something huge in home automation. The Clapper was really a peek into a massive technology market way before anyone would realize how important it really was. One could say that the Clapper is the grand-daddy of any smart home technology today that you can personally communicate with, otherwise known as automated assistants. Like this one most are familiar with:

Okay, so Echo, as far as we know, has not pared up with the AARP, but this parody does highlight to some extent the human desire for human-like interface with technology without sitting in front of a keyboard, particularly within the home.

The industry of automated assistance activated by handheld, remote personal technology is absolutely the future and it is only now really getting savvy. That's where we are headed, and the freedom that will come as a result will make what seems so normal now be stuff of "back in my day" armchair tales to grandchildren in the future. Just think, the majority today's children in the Western world would be perplexed at the idea that a phone used to be something we never carried around because it was attached to the wall with screws and a curly cord, and that controlled literally nothing except how far you could walk from the wall, nightstand, or desk. Future children yet unborn will be further perplexed that back in the olden days you had to manually turn on your dishwasher and had to insert an actual key into a door to unlock and lock it, at the position of the actual door. It's prehistoric practically.

The early versions of smart home technology were certainly not perfect. One of the top concerns among consumers when considering the adoption of smart home technology is security. In early versions there were bugs and hacking issues, especially once part of IoT. We've written before about a few IoT technologies that aren't entirely secure, like the robot vacuum that creates a fairly detailed map of the layout of your home and is streaming over the internet and vulnerable to hackers, and also shared a research study done on the most easily hacked DIY home security cameras with footage that ends up on the dark web. But, as time goes on, security improves.

What is clear to us as a home and business security company is that the more our lives will be reliant on IoT technology, the security of these devices will get stronger and stronger, and that means less vulnerability regarding securing your home from intruders.

This is why we are excited about a new smart home technology that takes it all to the next level, more securely. The device is called IOTega and is the development of one of our Superior Brand partners: DSC/Tyco.

The IOTega is that discreet, sleek device sitting on the counter in the photo above. But, don't let the compact size mislead about the power it delivers in smart-home services. DSC recently put out this brief video explaining the IOTega:

The IOTega features robust, cyber secure PowerG technology with end-to-end 128-bit AES encryption, which ensures a hack-proof security system. The DSC whitepaper on security and the IOTega explains the strength of the 128-bit encryption with the following:

"In a 2008 paper about encryption, data storage company Seagate concluded that:

• 128-bit encryption is sufficient to address all commercial and non-top secret government applications;

• the vulnerabilities for data leakage are not due to encryption key size when 128-bit keys are deployed, but to software, key storage and authentication vulnerabilities; and

• when all issues and vulnerabilities around software, key storage and authentication are addressed, the data protection solution that deploys 128-bit AES encryption provides comprehensive security for virtually every need."

What this means is that with an extreme scenario of every person on earth having 10 in-use computers + each of those computers having the ability to test 1 billion key combinations per second + on average, a key can be cracked after testing 50% of all possibilities it is concluded that "the earth’s population would be able to crack one encryption key every 77 septillion (77,000,000,000,000 ,000,000,000,000) years." It's a very interesting subject, and for those who would love to delve into encryption more, here's a great video:

With the prediction that the average US home could have up to 500 smart devices by 2022, all running on the IoT (the Internet of Things), that many homeowners are starting to take a DIY approach to implementing smart home technology themselves, but few have the skills to do it efficiently, effectively, and securely. Often, devices are added to the network one at a time. This is where the real beauty of the IOTega comes into play as an easy to install, connected home solution that lets users range from a security only setup to a full security and home automation solution. In addition, the IOTega anticipates the future and an ever-expanding Internet of Things.

But, it is not for sale direct to the consumer. The IOTega is only available through professional security partners and dealers of Tyco/DSC, like GenX Security Solutions. The smart home revolution is here, but a smart home won't stay smart without proper security. Contact us for a free quote on your IOTega system.


Experience the next generation of interactive security services and solutions with GenX Security.

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