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Smart Locks: Seven Fantastic Features

Take a look around and you'll certainly see more doors with smart locks, both business and residential. Aside from the convenience factor of not needing a key, smart locks enhance peace of mind particularly for parents and others who are highly security-oriented and would like to have control over who goes in and out and when as well as having a record of entries and exits.

Let's go over seven fantastic features of smart locks that show these locks are more than sleek designed pieces of modern locking hardware...

#1 - Use personal codes instead of traditional physical keys

When you have a personal code for each individual user, you won't need to worry about lost keys anymore or kids getting locked out of the house. When keys go missing it's far more than an inconvenience; it's an intrusion concern if the missing key is used to gain entry by an intruder later on.

#2 - Ability to assign temporary codes

With temporary codes a homeowner or business owner can give a visitor their own code that, depending on the lock and the app, can be set up for certain time ranges of use. Also, with some locks and apps, you can be notified if the visitor doesn't leave during the time they have been given.

#3 - Have a audit trail

If your smart lock is integrated with your smart home automation system then you should be able to look at the recorded audit trail of entries and exits, whose code was used, and with that you can gather and sort through important information in the event you or authorities need it.

#4 - Maintain control of your entire connected home or business

When integrated and connected to a smart home or smart business hub, end users can program the lock so that each individual has a personalized scenario preset for when they use their code or smartphone to open the door. For example, if a user typically comes in after dark, the scenario could be linked to smart lights to illuminate the foyer as soon as the lock validates the code.

#5 - Control the lock and security from any location right from the palm of your hand

With smart locks that are controlled by an internet-enabled device, such as the app for smartphones, then locking and unlocking doors at will from any connected location is an incredible convenience. If you are away and you need a trusted neighbor to gain access you can easily remotely unlock the door for them, know when they are inside and for how long, and lock the door again once they leave.

#6 - Security that extends beyond your front door

Smart locks can be paired and integrated with quite a wide selection of home additions, special rooms, other smart devices, and more, which is a convenience that once implemented many homeowners don't want to live without again.

#7 - Rest easy with greater peace of mind

Ever drive off and wonder an hour later if your front door is actually locked? It's a sinking feeling to not really know and have to turn around just to check. Well, with smart locks those wondering days are gone. In fact, it can go beyond the front door and extend to every access point if multiple smart locks are deployed. In addition to being able to lock and unlock remotely at will, when connected to a home automation system routines such as bedtime lockdown with doors locked, curtains drawn, alarms set, and lights dimmed makes smart lock integration incredibly convenient and safety enhancing.

Ready to see if smart locks are a great security solution for your home or business? Reach out to us for more information...

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