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FBI Encourages Businesses to Hire Security Integration Experts

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Business owners are often the first ones in and the last ones out, so locking the doors is second nature. But it takes more than a key to protect your small business from theft and other breaches that can wipe out everything you've worked to build.

Many small business owners turn to business alarm systems which can be helpful in securing valuable assets, including people, equipment, customer records and intellectual property.

For business owners, installing a business alarm system is one way to stay a step ahead of the criminals.

"The FBI says there is a burglary every 15 seconds," said Robert Siciliano, a security consultant. The statistics do not favor businesses that have been victimized, he said. "Police only catch one out of 10 burglars. The U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics show about 16 million property crimes annually. Burglaries result in over $4.5 billion in losses annually resulting in over $2,000 in losses to the victims. The National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association determined property crime averages above 75 percent of all crime."

He suggested hiring a third party to do a cost-benefit analysis of installing a security system, which should include a security risk assessment. "Otherwise, learn to think like a thief and determine what vulnerabilities you have and research the best way to secure your establishment," he said.


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