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Choosing the Right Commercial Security System for Your Business

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Choosing the Best Commercial Security System

If you've found yourself here, it's likely you're in search of a security, access control, or fire system for your commercial property. Whether your property is an apartment complex, church, office building, shopping center, arena, athletic fields, farm, ranch, assisted living facility, medical facility, gas station, or any other type of commercial property, you're in the right place to get started!

For businesses, security is no longer a luxury—it's an absolute necessity! But with so many options and unfamiliar technologies, where do you start? More importantly, how do you find the right integrator who will deliver outstanding results without any surprises, ensuring that what you’re getting is exactly what you need and is done right from the beginning? This brief guide aims to help you navigate your search effectively.


Business crime is a major concern, and there's an additional factor that can make or break even the largest enterprises overnight: liability. Business security isn't just about protecting against theft, arson, active shooters, or unauthorized access—it's also about safeguarding against potential lawsuits. For instance, real security camera footage from a restaurant shows a new employee deliberately and repeatedly slipping and falling in the kitchen in an attempt at insurance fraud:

The FBI's most recent Quarterly Crime Report for the first quarter of 2024 provides important insights into business security and crime. Key highlights include:

1. Overall Crime Trends:

  • Violent Crime: There was a significant decrease in violent crime by 15.2% compared to the same period in 2023. This includes a 26.4% reduction in murder, a 25.7% decrease in rape, a 17.8% drop in robbery, and a 12.5% decline in aggravated assault.

  • Property Crime: Property crimes also saw a 15.1% decrease.

2. Business-Related Crime:

  • Business crimes, which encompass various forms of theft, fraud, and vandalism affecting commercial entities, contribute significantly to overall crime statistics.

  • The report highlights cases of business-related fraud, such as instances of employees engaging in insurance fraud through staged incidents captured on security cameras.

3. Cyber Crime:

  • The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) reports that cybercrime, including business email compromises, remains a significant threat to businesses, causing substantial financial losses.

These trends underscore the importance of comprehensive business security measures, including robust physical security systems and cybersecurity protocols, to protect against both traditional and digital threats.

With losses like that, commercial and business properties can't afford NOT to have the right system in place for the protection of your assets, personnel, inventory, and information/data!


Modern commercial security systems come with numerous features to provide a solid layer for protection against a myriad of risks such as robbery, theft, fires, and even floods. And, layering is exactly what you want your objective to be when it comes to your overall security, as we discussed in a recent log post that you can read here:

To find and layer the right commercial security solution, here are the most important considerations to start with:

1. The Size

The size of your company fundamentally determines the level of security required. Consider the following questions:

- What type of space does your business occupy?

- How many employees do you have?

- Are you renting or do you own the space? If renting, you need a security system that minimally impacts the structure and walls.

- Is your facility an open or closed plan? More individual offices may require additional surveillance cameras compared to a few open office spaces.

Generally, larger businesses will likely need more sophisticated security systems.

2. Business Growth

While assessing your current security needs, also consider your future business plans. If you anticipate expanding or relocating, you will need a flexible security package that can adapt to changes and scale with your business demands.

3. Your Business's Potential Security Risks and Threats

Different security systems offer different features, so it's crucial to evaluate the specific threats to your business:

- If you run a website company, enhanced cybersecurity measures are essential.

- If your business is in a high-burglary area, prioritize a package with robust entrance security.

It's also common to implement security measures against internal threats, as employee theft costs businesses over $50 billion annually.

4. The Budget

Aim for a business security system that is within your financial means without compromising on quality. Choose systems that are both efficient and affordable in the long run.


After evaluating your business’s security requirements, you’ll have an idea of the kind of system you’re looking for. The next step is to find a package that fits the bill. Here are a few characteristics of a reliable security system:

Asset Protection

A security system should ensure 24/7 protection for high-value assets such as jewelry and electronics. This involves having motion-sensitive intrusion alarms and video monitoring systems. These features are crucial for promptly alerting the police in the event of a forced entry.

Moreover, your security package should include a fire suppression system that safeguards your inventory without causing damage. This system should utilize either gaseous or dry chemical agents to effectively extinguish fires.

Data Protection

A robust security system must provide individual access codes or keypad access to safeguard server rooms. This ensures that computers containing critical client data remain secure and restricted. Additionally, the data protection system should incorporate passcode management features to maintain the security of sensitive company information, even during staff transitions.

Personnel Protection

Threats such as fire and physical violence pose significant risks to businesses of all sizes. Therefore, your commercial security package should include fire suppression and alarm systems, along with panic and silent alarms. These features ensure an immediate response to any emergency, enhancing the overall safety and security of your business.


While you can independently find and install a security system, partnering with a professional provider is advisable for top-tier services. Collaborating with a security company allows you to focus on other aspects of your business, as the integrator will efficiently manage all your security needs.

To find an ideal security integrator for your entity, look at the following traits:

  • Reputation: Can the security company provide references from previous clients? Does it share case studies and openly display the results of completed projects?

  • Experience: For seamless installation and management of your security system, you'll need an integrator who has successfully handled similar projects in the past.

  • Availability and Support: Assess the company's response time. Observe how the staff interacts with clients—are they attentive and prompt, or do they appear disinterested and sluggish?

Examples of Questions to Ask When Looking for a Worthwhile Security Provider

1. Which Entrances Will the System Monitor?

A reputable security firm will first visit your location and conduct a site survey. This survey allows for the customization of a security package tailored to your specific needs. It is essential that the security system covers all doors, windows, and any other potential entry points for intruders.

2. How Will You Connect the Alarms?

An experienced security company knows that connecting alarm systems to the internet or phone lines can compromise your business. Criminals can easily cut these lines, rendering the system unable to send emergency notifications to authorities. Therefore, professional security integrators now use alarms with wireless features, such as GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications), for enhanced reliability.

3. How Will the Alarm Trigger?

Understanding how the system will respond during an emergency is crucial. This includes ensuring the alarm functions during a power outage or internet failure. You also need to know who will respond to the alarm, their response time, their method of accessing the premises, and the counter-measures they will take.

4. Is Training of Selected Staff on the System Included?

A great integration company will gladly train your chosen staff members on how the system operates and provide ongoing support after installation is complete.

Get the Best Commercial Security System

To find the right commercial security system for your business premises, you’ll need to come up with a well thought-out search plan.

Contact GenX Security Solutions about your business security needs! Our quotes are fast, fair, and always FREE!

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