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Army Corps of Engineers Permits Security Cameras at Lake Lanier in Georgia

Good news for the safety and security of residents living along U.S. Army Corps of Engineer reservoirs in Georgia: the ban on installing and using security cameras by property owners has been lifted! The biggest push for the lift came from residents who have dock permits on Lake Sidney Lanier. Surprisingly, only 7 out of the 257 who commented on the option wanted the security camera ban to stick.

While Lake Lanier is a public recreational area, there are many who reside on the lake which includes 10,615 private docks. The limitation is that the cameras only apply to the private docks and not to the public use of the lake.

The Lake Lanier Association, representing the homeowners and businesses on the lake, and U.S. Representative Rob Woodall, were responsible for the big push in this direction. The association posted the following to their Facebook page on May 15: “We feel that, given the great majority of persons recreating on the lake in possession of a mobile device with photo and video capabilities, that concern is no longer applicable. We also feel that cameras would benefit public safety and be an aide to protecting personal property.”

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers built the lake in the 1950s and still manages it.

Home and business owners will have to now decide if they will DIY their security cameras or if they will hire professional camera installers and integrators. At GenX Security Solutions we would like to highlight that while DIY cameras are fairly easy to install, they often lack (and this is often reported on) actual security and are easily hacked. In addition, DIYers often discover months later that the cameras they installed are not even working, and sometimes they find out too late after footage is needed for an incident. GenX Security Solutions is happy to be of service to the businesses and residents of Lake Lanier. Quotes are free. Please contact us and see what we can provide!


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