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Multifamily and dorm residents can now unlock doors with their smart phones.

Allegion, a leading provider of security products and solutions, has introduced the Schlage Control mobile enabled smart locks with Bluetooth mobile credential compatibility for multifamily properties. Kastle Systems and STRATIS, two independent multifamily ecosystem providers, are the first to have completed their integration to this new platform. This improvement was designed to meet the rising demand of today’s mobile economy while enhancing the experience for multifamily community residents, property managers, and building service staff through seamless mobile access.

Schlage Control mobile enabled smart locks are designed for security and open integration capability. The design allows for flexible compatibility, ultimately enabling property managers freedom of choice in selecting third-party access management software that best suits their need—whether it be a smart apartment solution in addition to standard access control through STRATIS, or a complete managed solution for their security platform through Kastle. Schlage Control mobile enabled smart locks enable property managers to differentiate by offering a convenient and efficient way for authorized guests to unlock resident unit doors.

“With the average American spending almost four hours a day on mobile devices, on-demand control has become an expectation,” said Robert Gaulden, director of technology alliances, multifamily at Allegion. “For the mobile-minded multifamily resident, we saw an opportunity to introduce the option for a solution that would enable simplified visitor access, scheduling maintenance and granting entry for services including grocery delivery and pet sitting. Not only does this create convenience for consumers, but it helps property managers more efficiently handle some of their biggest pain-points, including package management, credential management and enabling other concierge-level amenities.”

Schlage Control mobile enabled smart locks benefit both property managers and residents in a variety of ways, including:

  • Property differentiation offers residents the convenience and efficiency that comes with Bluetooth mobile credential compatibility.

  • Open architecture design gives properties the freedom to choose the physical access control software (PACS) provider that best fits their needs.

  • Increased visibility with audit trail reports for up to 1,000 events.

  • Eliminated cost and increased efficiency of issuing mobile credentials versus managing physical keys.

“We partnered with Schlage to integrate with our platform for a smart, connected access solution,” said Felicite Moorman, CEO of STRATIS. “The mobile phone is already a central piece of most people’s lives, and delivering the mobile Sidewalk to Sofa solution with Schlage remains an essential part of our offering for residents and guests, property managers, maintenance, vendors and other stakeholders.”

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