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Five Cloud-Managed Security Use Case Examples

Multiple apps and software and interfaces and systems, oh my! If only there was a way to get it all, from security to cameras to thermostats to access control, integrated into one spot for command and control! Guess what? There is a way. It's called The Cloud. No more jumping through hoops. No more inconvenience. No more management of separate databases.

How would you like to be able to quickly add valuable services as your company or facility grows without a total do-over? How would you like to make all of your security-related services quicker to deploy and manage? And, how would you like to realize a stronger ROI for the solutions you've invested in? You can, with the Cloud.

But, the question often is, "What about our unique industry? How would the Cloud really benefit us and our specific issues?"

SSI Magazine recently published some cloud use case examples we'd like to share with you, for 5 unique industries: education, commercial business, banking and financial institutions, facilities management, and pharmaceutical and food suppliers. Let's see how getting integrated with the Cloud could look for each.


Vertical school systems with multiple locations have lots of data to manage. With multiple interfaces or software that requires logging into each additional site or building on campus, they may need to hire someone to handle tasks like managing users and passwords. There's attainable ROI when the administration doesn't have the expense of an additional person and everything they need to control can be handled easily with the Cloud-hosted system, offsite and with their smartphones.


Commercial businesses easily incorporate substantial energy management savings into their security and intrusion detection solution by integrating HVAC controls and critical environmental monitoring with a single interface.


Banks and financial institutions will gain greater operational efficiency by being able to conduct data and management tasks via the Cloud. Batching is a tangible capability for users, as it eliminates the time require to enter data, saving time and manpower as opposed to logging into each site's database separately.


Facilities managers can gather data on all their systems, video, access control, intrusion, to extract information and assess any situations which may have occurred. Facilities managers won't have to log into two or three databases to extrapolate information and historical reports are in one location where they can see exactly what happened in a matter of minutes versus hours!


Costly product loss can be avoided by deploying critical environmental monitoring of refrigeration units through temperature probes. Receiving a real-time alert and notification of a significant temperature drop or deviation from the norm can preempt failure of refrigeration units and loss of expensive products. That's some serious ROI recapture!

Wondering how the Cloud can be applied to your specific industry and ROI? Give GenX Security a call today for an assessment of your property or facility within 250 miles of Greenville, South Carolina, and how we can optimize the integration of all of your security-related components into an easy to access interface. Our quotes are free!


Experience the next generation of interactive security services and solutions with GenX Security.

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