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The Use-It-or-Lose-It Truth About Security Systems and Break Ins

About a year ago we received a phone call from a customer asking to cancel their home security. It wasn't out of dissatisfaction. It wasn't related to customer service. It wasn't about faulty equipment. It wasn't for the system being too complicated. And, it wasn't for the cost. In fact, they were quite happy with service and quality. Then, why did this customer want to discontinue their home security? Answer: "Because we've never had a break-in so we don't need it." Say, what?

So, when we found this intriguing study that was conducted by a company in Utah about home invasion and security system usage, we knew we had to share it. This company surveyed 933 people who had experienced a home invasion and found startling (to many, but not to us) results. Such as, almost half of those who experienced a break-in said their security system was not being used! They had one, but they didn't use it. They, like our former customer, must have figured that since they hadn't had one so far that it just wouldn't happen so why use their security system? Folly.

A good summary of the results is presented by Here are their highlights:

In 2017, there were an estimated 1.4 million burglaries, according to the FBI, and more than two in three break-ins occurred on ordinary residential properties.

These invasions are not always random. Analysis shows many break-ins are committed by someone who lives within two miles of the infiltrated property, meaning they can learn your habits and routine before attacking.

Utah-based security and safety solutions company Cove surveyed 933 people who had experienced a break-in and respondents reported their biggest tech regrets and how they coped with the break-in.

The results are startling.

* Nearly 1 in 5 Americans involved in a burglary, installed security cameras after their home invasion.

* Three-quarters (77 %) of burglary victims admitted to not having a home security system at the time of their first break-in.

* However, of the people that did, almost half (46 %) admitted to not switching on their security system.

They are relying on their technology as a permanent solution for their smart homes, but failing in using it properly.

The study revealed that of respondents who have experienced at least one break-in, nearly one in two regrets not having a security system, with 40 % of victims buying one after their first break-in.

If respondents could turn back time to before a break-in, the top two precautions they would take would be to buy a security system and install security cameras.


Most burglary victims were more likely to cite technological solutions after a break in. Two out of five (41 %) of respondents wished they had invested in security cameras, and nearly 30 % wish they had kept virtual representations of their valuables.

Precautions are cheaper than risk: The average value of items stolen from a home invasion is nearly $2,000, and respondents only recover under a quarter (22 %) of their stolen items.

Three out of five (60 %) of break-in victims wish they had invested in home security, as studies show the best way to deter a criminal is to have an active home security system.

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