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Three Big Ways Smart Home Security Keeps Your Family Safer

Security systems used to have one job. Today, they're one of the most useful and versatile technologies you can own.

A modern security system powered by technology comes with cloud intelligence, automation, an award-winning smartphone app, and an ecosystem of cutting-edge connected devices.

These innovations mean that a smart security system keeps you safer, with hi-tech solutions to tricky security and safety challenges that old systems aren't built to address.

1: No More Spare Keys or Porch Pirates's combination of smart, connected hardware and advanced security intelligence takes care of home security issues that used to be time-consuming.

Take spare keys, for example—or don't. With smart locks, family members and trusted visitors get user codes instead. As well as unlocking and locking the door, codes can generate smartphone alerts to keep you aware of who's coming and going. Unlike a spare key, you can delete a user code instantly, ensuring that only the right people have access.

Add an doorbell camera to your system for a solution to the growing problem of package theft. Instead of staying home for valuable deliveries, you can use your smartphone app to see and talk to the delivery person, unlock your door for them, then secure your house again once they leave.

2: Early Warning When Unusual Activity Occurs

Old security technology alerts you when something bad happens. can let you know beforehand, using advanced intelligence to detect and alert you to activity that seems unusual.

These alerts can be triggered by contact sensors on doors and windows, or by motion sensors you've placed in dangerous or forbidden areas. You can even ‘train' them over time with simple feedback that the Insights Engine adapts to.

3: Better Protection from Burglars may have transformed the security system but they didn't ignore its original task. has improved it with hi-tech safeguards like Crash and Smash protection. This feature protects you from burglars by ensuring that even if an intruder smashes your security panel, still signals for help.

When your front door opens and the security system starts its countdown,'s cloud platform logs the event. If the panel goes offline before sending either a ‘disarm' or ‘emergency' signal, proactively reports a suspected Crash and Smash event to your home's professional monitoring station, who will call law enforcement on your behalf.

Learn more about here, and contact GenX Security Solutions, a certified and authorized dealer and integrator of, for a free quote on making your home security smart with!


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