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Two-Way Audio Now Available on Indoor Security Cameras

If you are a GenX Security client then you likely also have an account through us. Just released today, if you have the indoor Wi-Fi camera models ADC-V521IR (firmware version 0100d1 or greater) and the new ADC-V522IR (hardware version 0101 and firmware version 0100b9 or greater) then you can now communicate through your camera(s) via the mobile app. explained the details, features and benefits in their customer service message to their partners today:

With this new feature, customers can not only hear sound from the camera on their mobile device, but also speak from their mobile device through the cameras. Having the ability to check in on loved ones and even talk to pets is a fun new feature that will keep your customers engaged and entice new prospects. Pro Video customers with supported cameras are eligible for Two-Way Audio. To enable the feature for eligible customers, visit the new Feature Upgrades section of the Dealer Website Customer Configuration page (under Packages). You can also select the "Add to Package Templates that have Pro Video" option to easily add this feature to new accounts. Upon login, customers will be asked to opt-in to this feature. For more information, check out our Two-Way Audio Installation and User Guide on the Knowledge Base. If you would like more information on activating Two-Way Audio through your GenX Security installed indoor Wi-Fi camera, please contact us at If you would like a free quote on having these kinds of cameras installed as part of your overall home or commercial security solutions plan, please give us a call at 866-598-4369 or fill out our easy contact request form here.


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