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The Property Management Solution to Increase Profitability, Communication, and Convenience

If you're in property management and searching for a way to have better communication with your residents outside of social media that you aren't sure is reaching everyone if they haven't liked your page and opted in to follow your posts, emails that can go to junk and get deleted without reading, and fliers that cost more money to produce and easily find their way to the garbage, then we have a solution for you!

If you're finding that despite your efforts you are still lacking in timely responsiveness from your residents, then we've got a solution for you!

If you're discovering that your leasing staff is losing good quality prospects to competition because of a technological advantage, then we've got a solution for you!

If you're seeking something that will respond to the safety and security of both your residents and the property itself, then we have a solution for you!

So, what is it? It's's Smarter Property Management solution which not only helps to attract and retain residents as a key differentiator, but adjusts to a resident's lifestyle, helps to significantly streamline operations, and intelligently responds to increase both safety and security in the following six key ways to grow your business with property management opportunities.

1. Resident Engagement

One of the most attractive features for apartment residents is a property that is integrated with modern amenities. This goes beyond the pool, the exercise facility, and the gated entry. When your property is integrated with property-wide, your residents use the app to automate their apartment, receive notifications and alerts, check on loved ones (or pets!) and have peace of mind while away from home.

2. Vendor Management

Fading are the days where maintenance manages a large locker of keys. Not only has that proven to be inefficient but a security risk. With features for property management you can service apartments without the hassle of tracking physical keys and coordinating schedules with vendors and occupants.

3. Keyless Living

With connected locks throughout the property you can eliminate dependence on physical keys and make lock-outs a thing of the past. Now, access can be granted remotely, and staff and contractor access can be recorded, dramatically improving awareness and move in/move out ease. If going keyless isn't an option or isn't ideal for your property, we can integrate your system with the innovative and cost effective intelligent key.

4. Operational Savings

Property managers know that operational expenses are constantly evaluated and finding ways to reduce operational expenses without having to significantly increase rent is at the top of the priority list. However, a connected property saves money! Smart thermostats help manage temperatures in vacant units, connected locks eliminate re-keying costs, and water management leads to reduced insurance costs. All of which can be initiated, monitored and maintained by the Smarter Property Management solution from

5. Maintenance Notifications

Now you don't have to rely on residents to report leaks in a timely fashion! Now, with smart sensors and devices integrated with your system, you can receive instant alerts sent to maintenance staff and help to minimize damage from fire, water leaks, and HVAC issues.

6. Unattended Showings

Ever lose a prospective tenant because a leasing agent couldn't show a residence in a more timely fashion, either due to being short staffed or booked up? With the Smarter Property Management solution now you can increase foot traffic and staff efficiency by giving prospects the option to view units unattended. You'll get notified when prospects arrive and let the smart home automatically lock up when they leave. For increased protection, we can add an integrated security camera to monitor model and vacant units.

What a Smarter Property Management Solution Looks Like

At this time there are two pre-packaged solutions through that can easily be customized by GenX Security Solutions. These packages are:

Package A: Residential Enterprise Automation

Package B: Residential Enterprise Security

Let's look at a quick comparison.

Each package can be customized and have additional features added on, depending on the needs and desires for your portfolio. These add-ons can be via a recurring fee or paid, as follows:

When it comes to your property management and GenX Security's capabilities, the sky is the limit. We can go with a configured package or design our own specifically tailored to your property risk and need analysis.

Interested in learning more and receiving a free quote? Please contact our Director of Sales, Spencer Mehr.


Phone: 866-598-4369



Experience the next generation of interactive security services and solutions with GenX Security.

With custom security integration solutions come custom quotes designed for your needs. Please contact us by clicking here or calling 866-598-4369.


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