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Security Installer Quality Beats Equipment Ratings - A Study of Consumers

"The Electronic Security Association sponsored this survey to help its members better understand the changes in the residential security market and to gauge consumer sentiment about technology and service. As new competitors and technologies enter the market, change is inevitable. But what actually occurs will depend on how customers respond. Will home owners shift allegiance from traditional security companies to new competitors from cable, telco, or “do it yourself ” suppliers? Will customers view new mobile services with great interest or shrug them off? While there are many ideas about how the future will unfold, one thing is certain. Aside from the buzz, the future of all security service providers will be decided by how customers respond to these new possibilities." - Josh Gordon, President of the Josh Gordon Group (from the introduction letter to the study.)

Before you hunt around for the lowest quote on the market, take a moment to read through the key points that the ESA discovered by asking customers with security systems their opinion on a number of factors. In summary:

* More than 50% of homeowners surveyed purchased their security system over 7 years ago.

* Remote services via remote devices are a top desire.

* To consumers, brands of equipment are far less important than the qualifications, quality, and reputation of the security integration installer. Consumers trust that their provider has selected the best brands for the job.

* There is very little brand awareness among homeowners.

* Compared to other types of service providers, home security installers consistently achieved among the highest customer satisfaction scores.

* Customer service of the security provider drives the perception of value with consumers.

* Traditional security systems at home make consumers feel more protected than remote cell phone monitoring capabilities.


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