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Retail Behavior and Security Investigation Analytics with 3VR Technology

After meeting with 3VR at a recent security technology conference, we knew we had to add their cutting edge video facial recognition technology with consumer behavior and crime investigation analytics to our Superior Brands for our business, particularly retail and financial, clients.

GenX Security is pleased to officially announce the addition of 3VR to our Superior Brands and we'd like to share highlights of some of the most impactful and cutting edge features available today.

3VR is a company specializing in giving users the capability of real-time insights into consumer behavior, store layout effectiveness, analytics to boost in-store performance, and increasing conversion rates.

But, one of the most exciting uses of 3VR is crime analytics. This type of technology is no longer the stuff of Hollywood. Now it is the stuff of top financial institutions cracking down on fraud with detailed facial recognition software that significantly cuts down on investigation time and helps to close more cases successfully with:

* Face detection

* Color detection

* Easier archiving of human data

* Cloud computing which interfaces with the FBI to match suspects

Fraud investigators at financial institutions typically have no way to match a person of interest to any previous video record other than watching 90 days of video of multiple sites, which is a huge time and resource drain. Add that to the amount of the fraud and the cost is outrageous. However, with 3VR technology, facial recognition virtual intelligence steps in for a fraction of the time. With facial recognition technology the AI matches key features to multiple video archives at multiple locations, and now the cases are much easier to archive which prevents the issue of video data being recorded over.

How detailed can it get? How about identifying gender, approximate age, and searching by color for detailed? Let's say it is known that the suspect wore a red shirt. Make "red" a search parameter and that's what the AI will find, significantly narrowing down time and suspects.

But, there's even more to love about the 3VR technology: it's all software. This means that at GenX Security we can many times repurpose a client's existing hardware, build servers to suit, or use 3VR hardware. The 3VR technology also works equally as well with analog and IP/digital, so long as quality is maintained.

Of course, financial institutions aren't the only types of businesses who have great success with 3VR technology. Airports are prime candidates for advanced facial recognition as well.

3VR technology will work with every major camera brand that GenX Security currently installs and integrates, as well. Whether your business is retail, security, financial and banking, hospitality, tourism, or travel, GenX Security can fully integrate 3VR into your current surveillance system complete with training.

Please contact us to find out more and for a free quote.


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