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Keys to Credentials: The Evolution of Access Control

Let's get down to brass tacks: What is the absolute foundation of all security? Answer: who gets in and who does not.

It's about keeping the unwanted, unqualified, and unverified out, and the wanted, qualified, and verified in. It's practically everything! It's access control.

There are many types of access control methods (passwords, bodyguards, certifications, security clearances, walls, GPAs, SAT scores, electronic fences, signs, dogs, deadbolts, iris scanners, polygraphs, etc.) but it ultimately all starts at the literal door.

In order to understand where we are now and the suggestions we would like to make toyou for cutting edge technology, why the transition to it must be made, and where we will be regarding access control in the future, we need to take a fun walk through the history of locks in light of where society and technology was at the time.

Please note that we are security professionals, not historians, and we've done our best to show a correlation between human history, innovation, society, and access control. Please pardon any minor mistakes in the timeline.

For a fascinating rundown of the only "perfect security" period in our history, the 99% Invisible Podcast episode 160 is well worth the listen. Click here to go to it.

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