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Introducing QUAD: The First Cloud-Native Multisensor Security Camera

One of the reasons why Ava Security was chosen as our Superior Brand for security cameras is the constant innovation and forward-thinking of the company engineering and development team. In fact, at Ava Security they aren't just on-trend with security technology, but they are setting the trend. Case in point: the Ava Quad security camera. The Quad is the first camera of it's kind, and it's going to be available through GenX Security Solutions in Q2 of 2022!

Quad is the first cloud-native multisensor security camera. What does this mean for you?

  • A camera designed to provide 360° visibility

  • Perfect for those who need multi-angle and wide-angle coverage

  • Cost and time efficient as a single camera can perform like multiple cameras

But, the fact that it is the first cloud-native multisensor security camera is really where the rubber meets the road! Being cloud-native means that you'll experience freedom from the limitations that current multisensor cameras suffer from, such as lack of flexibility and on-premise-only installments that often leave cameras vulnerable to out-of-date software.

At GenX Security we are excited to introduce the Quad to our current and future customers this year with these incredible and forward-thinking benefits:

  • Easier access to security data

  • Built in audio and video analytics

  • Greater time and financial efficiency for reviewing data by staff

  • Machine learning algorithms that identify critical events before they escalate

  • Ability to store forensic details for threat detection without the storage burden of large amounts data required for saving lengthy footage

The Ava Quad is a groundbreaking intelligent camera that operates on the Ava Aware® video security data platform.

Tormod Ree, CEO & Co-Founder of Ava Security, based in London, had the following to say about Quad:

Ava Quad marks another market-first for Ava Security, as we continue to add to our world-class portfolio of cloud-native cameras. This cloud multisensor camera will round out our lineup of video monitoring tools, as we continue to lead the industry in the transition from on-premise to the cloud—delivering storage, cost, AI, and analytics benefits. The continued growth of our product portfolio bolsters our position as the most open security platform in the market.

To read the Ava Security press release about Ava Quad, please click here: Ava Security to release first cloud multisensor security camera | Ava Security

Ready for the next generation of interactive, intelligent security cameras? Reach out to our Director of Sales, Spencer Mehr, for more information.



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