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How Criminals Study and Mark You, Your Home, and Your Business

Like most businesses in service, we used to have our fleet of company vans decorated with beautiful wrapping of our logo, contact information, and nice graphics. Then, we did the unexpected: we removed it all. Our fleet is now all white and unmarked. Why? Because our customers requested that we be discreet about their new security measures.

We thought about it, and we knew that it would mean less "free advertising" for GenX Security Solutions, but we put our customers first. We aren't just some security tech company, we are a partner in crime prevention. The reality is that criminals are watching when you think they aren't.

For instance, if you've seen a strange coincidence of increased contractors in your area and increased home or business invasions then it may not be a coincidence after all. Don't disregard that strange feeling you may have when you notice that a contract worker who is part of a roofing crew putting on new shingles for a home a few doors down seems to be very curious about looking around the neighborhood while they sit on a high perch. Don't disregard wondering why you never noticed that odd pile of stuff on the side of your other neighbor's house, or even the sudden appearance of spray paint on a wall at the commercial property next to yours, and we aren't referring to spray painted mural art here.

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Criminals take note of who is getting what done to their homes and business locations. They work together and they have their tentacles in every facet of society keeping watch and "on the payroll." They leave signs and symbols you would never even think of to communicate about YOU to their ring. And, therefore, we are DISCREET when we deliver new security technology.

Security technology is a barrier between what you care about and a criminal. In addition to having good, discrete, professional technology you must accept that in our world taking an "offense and defense" approach to things will serve you greatly, which means "studying the opposition."

Here is a great rundown of eye-opening facts about how criminals watch you from


Criminals are opportunists.

They know which situations are more beneficial to them. They look for:

  • People who aren’t giving attention to their surroundings

  • Premises with a lot of traffic so they can disappear in a crowd

  • Roads that lead to highways for a quick getaway

Here are two general activities that criminals take advantage of: (1) Moving or Renovating and (2) Driving

When you’re moving or renovating you’re preoccupied. There’s a change in routine and you give less attention to security.

It’s easy to see which buildings owners prepare for a move. Moving vans, boxes and bubble wrap outside are tell tale signs. The same relates to building supplies. Chances are your security system is disconnected if you’re busy with a construction project. Criminals take note. They can highjack a moving truck or follow it to your new premises. While your security system isn’t in place they can easily break in and rob you.

They can and do partner with moving company employees or construction workers. These individuals can leave your doors unlocked or allow certain boxes to disappear.

Driving is another activity that criminals see as an advantage to meet their objectives. Many attacks or high-jackings take place in the early evening. On your way home from work you’re tired and distracted. Your reactions are slow. This makes you an easy target. Before you can call the authorities criminals can overpower you.

Stay in control by being extra vigilant in these situations. Criminals are trained to read human behavior. If they see you looking around they’ll most likely back off.

Now think. What other activities at home or at your office make you and easy victim?


It pays off to be observant.

Criminals notice where we let our guard down. Luckily they sometimes do too.

Many criminals work in syndicates. They have to communicate with each other but what methods are safe to them?

  • Talking via Smartphones creates proof of their criminal activities.

  • There are usually members of the public who know one or two petty criminals. Crime organizers don’t want to be seen with petty criminals. The connection can get them caught.

So what’s their solution? Symbols.

Have you ever driven past a premises with odd features on the exterior of the walls or lawn? These can be signs criminals create to signal others in the syndicate. While one group finds ideal targets others break in.

Signs include:

  • Markings on walls

  • Stacked garbage

  • Broken plants

Each sign represents a unique feature. This can show robbers where women stay alone or where large dogs are.

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You can protect yourself by removing signs and checking your vulnerabilities. If you realize there’s a syndicate in your area improve your security.


If your backyard can’t be seen from the street’s secure right? Wrong.

Privacy gives criminals time. They may not be able to scout properly beforehand. But if no one can see what they’re up to they have time to figure out how to gain access to the building.

Don’t assume any area of your premises is secure. Installing adequate security features built by professionals is vital. This relates to doors and windows. Steel doors or security grilles take a while to get past. If they didn’t know these features were there before entering the premises they won’t be prepared to deal with them.

Criminals know they’re at risk if they take too long. Waste their time so they have to give up in the end.


Don’t think you’ll recognize a criminal for what he or she is.

They’re corrupted enough to hurt or steal from others. They can put up a good act too.

Criminals know what groups of people garner sympathy from the public:

  • Widowed women

  • Religious groups

  • Charity foundations

Criminals even use children in their syndicates.

It was a big decision for us to remove our "free advertising" from our fleet of installation vehicles, but it was also the right decision. When GenX Security is installing your security investment, criminals will not know about it! Be aware, be vigilant, and go with the pros. For a FREE investment assessment for your home or business security, give GenX Security a call at 866-598-4369 or fill out an inquiry here.


Experience the next generation of interactive security services and solutions with GenX Security.

With custom security integration solutions come custom quotes designed for your needs. Please contact us by clicking here or calling 866-598-4369.



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