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Big League Security for Little League Baseball

You know times have changed when the Little League World Series enlists security integrators to implement some high-tech security measures for their stadium. It's not the sandlot as many of us knew it! Four security technology providers near the stadium location in Williamsport, PA will provide through joint effort electronic security systems for the 10-day tournament series. The stadium has over 120 permanent security cameras and each year the system is added onto. This year the stadium will have thermal imaging, radar perimeters, and video analytics to count people in the crowd and entry.

Image: The Little League World Series Stadium in Williamsport reported on these advancements for the Little League World Series in a recent article. While GenX Security Solutions is not one of the vendors, we really enjoyed this article because we, too, provide the same and similar solutions to clients and at large venues. If you'd like similar technology at your North Carolina, South Carolina, or Georgia event, please contact GenX Security Solutions today for a free quote.

September 4, 2017

Four security manufacturers have teamed up to provide safety and security systems for the players, coaches and fans at the 71st Annual Little League Baseball World Series (LLBWS). Milestone Systems is joining Axis Communications, Extreme Networks and Lenel to provide video surveillance systems, access control and network connectivity for the 10-day tournament.

A fully integrated security system is in place as 16 Little League Baseball teams and hundreds of thousands of fans from around the globe come together Aug. 17-27 in South Williamsport. A priority of Little League Baseball officials is promoting a fun, exciting experience, while also providing the highest level of security.

“Our town of 6,500 people booms to almost half a million over the course of this annual event. Making sure it is both fun for families and safe for all who take part, is of utmost importance,” said Jim Ferguson, assistant director of Risk Management for the Little League Baseball World Series in a press release. “We have every confidence in Axis Communications, Extreme Networks, Lenel and Milestone to help us achieve these goals. They are tested and proven systems, with each of these companies leaders in their field, chosen to protect the players and fans from around the world.”

With more than 120 permanent network cameras in place at Volunteer Stadium and Howard J. Lamade Stadium, Little League Baseball works to add new technologies each year to keep the installation as secure as possible. This year’s system advancements include Axis 20-megapixel cameras, thermal imagers, radar perimeter protection, and people-counting video analytics, as well as Milestone’s XProtect® video management software (VMS) platform.

Axis Communications is supporting the Little League Baseball World Series for its eighth consecutive year and continues to build on the security program it helped establish during previous events.

New technologies deployed this year include the AXIS Q1659 Network Camera, which, according to the company, is the first to combine professional-caliber photographic imaging technologies from Canon to deliver ultra-high image quality for fixed, wide-area surveillance and detail, even in the most challenging lighting conditions. The brand-new AXIS D2050-VE Network Radar Detector is deployed as an outdoor motion detector for perimeter protection, day and night, to minimize potential false alarms. The new AXIS People Counter video analytics solution helps the Little League gain operational insights.

“Each year we look forward to advancing the security system by leveraging the newest technology innovations available within the industry,” said Robert Muehlbauer, senior manager, Business Development Partner Ecosystem, Axis. “The total solution provides an advanced, comprehensive system to help keep players and fans safe so they simply enjoy themselves and stay focused on the amazing young athletes. We are proud to continue our work with Little League Baseball.”

Extreme Networks is providing its ExtremeWireless™ and ExtremeSwitching™ technology to form the backbone of this security solution. Wired and wireless solutions from Extreme Networks complement the stadium’s OnGuard® access control platform from Lenel and connect the Axis IP-based digital video surveillance cameras with the Milestone XProtect VMS.

“This is our third year in working with the Little League Baseball World Series, and we’re proud to be a part of this event and a member of this leading security team,” said Norman Rice, Chief Marketing, Development and Product Operations Officer, Extreme Networks. “This iconic event calls for age-old traditions but when it comes to security, age-old methods won’t suffice. Extreme’s technology is specifically engineered to provide the high-performance, high-bandwidth, ultra-reliable connectivity needed to help keep everyone safe and secure throughout the duration of the event.”

Lenel, a provider of security systems, is celebrating its 19th year supporting the Little League Baseball World Series. This long-term association has enabled event organizers to depend on the access control technology supplied by Lenel.

Upon arrival, each player, staff member, volunteer and vendor is enrolled in Lenel’s OnGuard® system and receives a photo identification badge for use during the series. These personalized badges allow entry to selected areas of the facility. Only players and authorized staff are allowed access to the dormitory areas where players sleep, eat and rest.

“As badge holders move around the facility they must present their credentials at key checkpoints,” said Jeff Stanek, general manager, Lenel. “The access control system taps into the video system, presenting a live video feed, together with the cardholder’s database photo, for easy identity verification by security guards. Our OnGuard WATCH tool offers an intuitive graphical interface that makes it even easier for security personnel to gather data and quickly respond to any needs.”

Added to the Little League Baseball World Series 2017 technology team is Milestone Systems, providing XProtect IP video management software. In addition to central management of all cameras and users, the XProtect® Smart Wall gives operators total situational awareness of activities. The software supports failover recording servers for uninterrupted video coverage.


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