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Five Advantages of Top Surveillance and Security Cameras

Today's security goes well beyond the old barely visible, grainy images we've become accustomed to on the nightly news. In fact, if you invest in great technology you'll likely have one of these five video analytics functions already built into your surveillance camera. These functions with certainly dramatically improve your security and situational awareness as well as being a wealth of information for business intelligence purposes, such as cross referencing distinct characteristics that set people apart in your database, helping to boost sales, and even alerting you to when a VIP enters the building for your team. Today, there's more than just burglar busting going on thanks to these five video analytics functions of high end security cameras.


Can your current security or surveillance camera give you an estimate about how many people are present at your location at different times throughout the day? Imagine the helpful uses for this feature. Not only could your event planners optimize the space available and plan more adequately and efficiently for staffing purposes, but it could help reduce your electricity and other utility bills by adjusting for peak and non-peak visitation hours. And, if there's an emergency situation where first responders are called in, your surveillance could help them determine the best approach to where they need to be.


Would you like to understand why certain areas of your store are constantly busy and other areas seem practically untouched? Or, why your customers tend to go in the same direction after entering through the doors and miss everything on the other side? What about figuring out what you can do differently to encourage or discourage dwell times in certain areas? Well, your answers could be found in heat mapping through your security cameras.

Here's how it works. To reflect the intensity of motion in any area and convert it into data for which management can make business decisions, heat mapping technology measures and rates motion from the viewing image, and colors the image based on levels of intensity. For instance, red would likely represent high intensity traffic. As the day goes on, the map changes to reveal how the traffic moves.

With this powerful data at your fingertips, you can now optimize your product placement and encourage customers to visit other areas of the store, and management can plan personnel scheduling that is both efficient and effective.


This is about as straight forward of an explanation as it gets regarding this advantage: the camera can literally count people. This is slightly different from the other advantage of occupancy estimation. People counting would be a great advantage for monitoring a smaller space such as an entrance, a concession stand, or a ticketing area to determine the number people entering or exiting a specified area. It’s increasingly being used in sports and entertainment venues, to better manage staffing for concession operations, ticketing areas, and entry and exit points. It’s all based on real-time data, so if a large number of people quickly congregate at an entrance, security personnel can be immediately alerted to make on-the-spot adjustments if necessary. Managers overseeing vending or concessions could assess the data to find out the highest volume of traffic at specific times for inventory and staffing purposes as well.


Many are already familiar with motion detection in conjunction with security and how important it is as part of video surveillance, but the technology has become much more advanced. Today's motion detection technology built right into the cameras allows the designation of zones of any size and shape where security personnel can monitor if people move into or get too close to that area. When motion is detected in the selected zone an alert will be triggered to focus specifically on the area and ignore any other movement outside the area. This allows for true zeroing in on the subject in question or potential issue.

This is great technology to have for areas where people are close to highly sensitive or important objects, dangerous machinery, and exhibits. For instance, a zoo may want to closely monitor the area between a dangerous animal exhibit and guests to avoid any accidental falls into an enclosure, or a museum may want to ensure that important pieces of artwork are not touched so the motion detection in a zone could alert security personnel to any potential issues.


For sensitive areas with very large perimeters, such as airports, a security camera with tripwire/intrusion detection, otherwise known as a "virtual fence", can detect when intruders are attempting to climb over or ram a physical fence. The camera technology draws a virtual line based on the geography, such as a boundary wall, and will notify security if anyone or anything attempts to cross it. At a location such as an airport or military base, this type of technology can be critical when it comes to thwarting suspicious activity in real time, and deployment of security immediately and with accuracy.

Another useful application would be for warehouses and manufacturing plants where keeping certain materials in designated areas is critical and essential, especially when it comes to maintaining compliance.

Additionally, a virtual fence can help to reduce costly false alarms by showing real time instances of intrusions. For instance, the detection of a deer crossing a fence or an unauthorized person crossing a fence will be clear.

Today's professional level and professionally integrated security cameras and surveillance systems are incredible in the number of benefits and advantages offered. There is a right system for every situation. Please contact GenX Security Solutions to find out what we can do for your unique location with technology providing these distinct advantages. Our quotes are always free!


Experience the next generation of interactive security services and solutions with GenX Security.

With custom security integration solutions come custom quotes designed for your needs. Please contact us by clicking here or calling 866-598-4369.


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