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2017: Predictions for Security Innovation in Home & Business

Read what security industry experts spotlight as the next generation of security technology in 2017 - and the lessons they've learned from 2016.

A wider view

On the subject of camera innovations which are making their mark, Jeff Whitney, VP Marketing at Arecont Vision, explains how the US-based business was very much an industry trailblazer when it introduced the first multi-sensor panoramic cameras back in 2006, featuring four fixed megapixel sensors in 180 or 360 degree configurations. Whitney is keen to extoll the virtues of a adopting a wider view: “A multi-sensor panoramic camera provides video from its entire field of view non-stop and is able to be digitally zoomed in without impacting recording of the entire scene. This ensures superior situational awareness and outstanding image quality over a PTZ, and reduces cost by requiring fewer cameras be used.”

In terms of the direction of travel of the market, Whitney acknowledges that the competition is heating up as other vendors seek to secure their own slice of the multi-sensor camera pie: “Until about a year ago, Arecont Vision was virtually alone in the multi-sensor megapixel camera market. We now see multiple copies and clones of SurroundVideo G5 (180 and 360 degree) and Omni G2 (omnidirectional) from a range of vendors. We believe that other vendors have finally awakened to the potential of multi-sensor cameras to reduce cost and improve video, and that 2017 will see further use of this technology that Arecont Vision continues to lead.”

Physical security trends

On the physical security side of things, innovative solutions are continuing to be developed to clip the wings of the soaring number of drones in our skies if they pose a threat to security, safety, or even engage in industrial espionage. The DroneTracker from Dedrone is one potential answer to this drone dilemma with a system of interacting sensors to reliably detect all types of drones based on multiple parameters such as noise, shape, and movement patterns.


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