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Hotel Room Access Control Going Toward Mobile-Keys

GenX Security Superior Brand partner ASSA ABLOY is helping the hotel industry meet tech-savvy travelers’ demands for mobile key technology. Find out how it works, calculate your potential cost-savings, and learn about hotels that are already enjoying the benefits!

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With the seemingly endless mobile technologies available to today’s tech-savvy travelers, hotels need to adapt quickly and efficiently to keep up with the frequently changing demands of their guests, who now expect instant service.

The variety of mobile applications in the hotel space is therefore continuously increasing and improving, with services like mobile key becoming a necessity to keep up with the changing travel trends.

“Guests are turning to hotel mobile apps for a variety of services,” says George Winker, vice president, customer relations of ASSA ABLOY Hospitality. “Every chain has their own app, so getting guests to install an additional one is a challenging task. The key to success is integrating mobile services, like our Mobile Access, into their existing app. This allows guests to use an all-encompassing application for mobile payment, booking, room service, housekeeping and mobile key functionality.”

How a digital key is issued – The ecosystem

  • Guest confirms mobile booking and hotel server initializes check-in.

  • The hotel’s property management system (PMS) allocates a room and requests Visionline* to issue a key.

  • Visionline generates a digital key, and transfers it to the cloud-based ASSA ABLOY Hospitality Mobile Services, for secure over-the-air delivery.

  • The cloud-based ASSA ABLOY Hospitality Mobile Services encrypts and securely delivers the key to the assigned phone.

  • The guest’s smartphone receives the encrypted key in a secure key vault within the app.

  • When presented to the lock, the access app transmits the encrypted key to the lock through a secure communication channel

  • The lock decrypts the digital key and unlocks the door

Mobile key is a technology that many upscale brands are installing because they’re in the stages of making it a requirement at each property to ensure the delivery of innovative services and solutions to guests and staff. While this is typically a key driver of why hotels are implementing such solutions, hoteliers are beginning to truly see the value in what mobile key has to offer. They’re seeing the cost effectiveness of the solution, and they’re excited about it.

“Hotel properties are turning to our solutions for multiple reasons,” says Melissa Warder, director, key accounts at ASSA ABLOY Hospitality. “They want to be able to promote themselves as a hotel that is integrating the latest and greatest in technology solutions, but they also want guests to be able to walk through their doors and gain the same experiences they do in the outside world. Mobility is everywhere now, and hotels are definitely starting to up the ante in terms of how they’re using it in the most efficient ways possible.”

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If you are seeking to convert your hotel over to mobile-keys for guest rooms and would like to find out if the Assa Abloy technology is a good fit for you, please contact GenX Security Solutions. Our security investment quotes are always free! Calculate your potential for mobile key cost effectiveness and savings here.

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Experience the next generation of interactive security services and solutions with GenX Security.

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