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Security Gets PERSonal In 2020: SoloProtect ID Now Available in Greenville!

If you have, or will have, lone workers in your organization then this is the security update for you!

A lone worker is someone who spends the majority of their working day working alone. This could be in delivery, at a warehouse, at an industrial plant, manufacturing, nursing homes, as security guards, and a host of other industries and types of organizations. A common denominator among the variety of positions is that the lone worker is one who face a variety of on the job risks, from environmental to threatening situations when dealing with materials, the general public, and/or customers.

FACT: Did you know that employers of lone workers have a legal responsibility to protect and secure the safety and health of their lone workers on the job?

But, how can a company constantly monitor all employees who are by themselves most of the time, or know where they are? Aside from vehicle GPS and fleet management systems that stay with a vehicle and package or inventory scanners that are used in delivery and product warehouses, cell phones have been the relied upon link between a solo employee who needs to communicate with their home base or emergency services, but a cell phone isn't discreet in a threatening situation. A cell phone won't dial itself for help if the solo worker falls from a great height and is immobilized or worse, or the solo worker who is attacked.

But now there's a better solution that GenX Security is excited to offer to our customers with 24/7 monitoring by Security Central! It's not just a better solution; it's an incredible solution.

Business Risks & Costs of Lone Working

Protecting your lone and solo workers is not just the right thing to do, it's actually the lawful thing to do. And between the right thing and the lawful thing, it's also a financially smart thing to do for the organization.

The more frequently a lone worker is working alone the greater the risk to your organization and to the employee. These are risks to their health, safety, and well being as well as risks to your organizational liability which ultimately affects the bottom line.

Consider the following organizational costs resulting from lone worker risks:

  • Damage to the organization's reputation and brand

  • Decreased employee morale and attendance due to stress resulting from verbal abuse or injuries sustained during a physical assault while working alone

  • High legal fees for defending litigation

  • Lost time from reporting and investigating incidents

  • Continually increasing liability insurance costs for solo workers who are at-risk

Thankfully, now there is an innovative solution for managing and lessening the risk lone workers are exposed to, which in turn exposes your organization. In fact, this solution will provide audit proof that your solo workers policy is adhered to! That's right, recorded proof in real time to protect both your workers and your organization.

What is PERS?

PERS stands for Personal Emergency Response Systems. The earliest PERS devices, and most commonly thought of, are the medical emergency devices for the elderly. The "I've fallen and I can't get up" wearables whereby an elderly person can press a button on their device and it will call an emergency dispatcher. These devices have saved thousands of lives.

But the elderly aren't the only people who can benefit from personal emergency response systems. Now solo workers and their employers can get protection, too, and it goes far beyond just sending an alert! In fact, the functions of this discreet, small, and lightweight device that doubles as an ID badge are incredibly impressive and well thought-out.

Advancements in Solo-Worker Protection

New advancements and elements in solo worker protection are now available through GenX Security and a revolutionary, yet simple, new technology. Such as:

Discreet Protection: Solo workers can wear this new device on their body either hung around the neck with a lanyard or clipped onto the shirt or belt, and it doubles as an ID badge.

Easy Activation: When a solo worker needs help or to let the system know where they are, they can easily and discretely activate this badge with the touch of a button.

Beyond GPS Alone: With this new technology, solo workers can easily use their badge to leave a short message about situational threats about a specific location. The message is then sent and stored at an emergency dispatch center.

Audit Proof of Lone Worker Policies: With the recording feature of this device, your organization now has audit proof that your lone worker policy is being adhered to and encourages detailed and complete risk assessment.

Emergency Alerts in Real Time: With a push of a hidden-from-view button, the solo worker can initiate a one-way communication channel in an emergency situation between the solo worker and a 24/7 emergency dispatch center. A special heartbeat vibration only the solo worker can detect is emitted by the badge to assure the solo worker that they are connected to the dispatch center and a dispatcher is actively listening.

Highly Trained Emergency Response: All dispatchers are highly trained and qualified emergency call responders. The GPS on the badge provides dispatchers the exact location of the solo workers.

Automatic Man-Down Alert: This feature of the badge detects tilt, non-movement, impact, and more to raise an automatic alarm with the dispatch center.

Two-Way Voice Communication: Solo workers in emergency situations, such as man-down, can communicate verbally with dispatch officers.

Ready-To-Talk Feature: This feature opens a two-way voice communication call with the dispatch center for use in situations where a solo worker feels uncomfortable and wants dispatch to be aware prior to the escalation of a potentially dangerous situation and stay with them on the line for greater comfort and security.

What is this new device for solo workers available now through GenX Security Solutions?

Introducing SoloProtect ID.

This amazing, discreet, and reliable PERS device technology we've been describing is the SoloProtect ID badge for which GenX Security is proud to be an authorized distributor and integrator. With many of our commercial customers in the Upstate having solo workers, we are excited to offer this invaluable people, organizational, and ultimately asset protection device.

Industries and Applications

The industries that the SoloProtect ID can apply to are vast, but we see the greatest benefit in the Upstate for the following:

Nursing Homes & Assisted Living Facilities

When nurses and technicians are on duty assisting residents, there are times when they face difficult and even threatening situations to themselves or the patients in their care. Now your staff can send alerts in real time to protect themselves, the facility, and residential patients easily, quickly, and discreetly.

Home, Social, and Other Services

Anyone whose job it is to go to a home alone and interact with the residents either for home health care, well checks, service calls, and more, is at risk for being in a situation where they could feel trapped, threatened, or potentially attacked.


Lone workers in manufacturing can face more environmental threats than most. Being exposed to equipment, chemicals, or areas where they could be locked in accidentally are all good reasons to have immediate access to help.

Warehouses & Storage Facilities

It's not uncommon for a worker to find themselves often alone in a warehouse or storage facility. While these locations often have excellent security camera systems, unless they are manned in real time the lone worker could face danger from falling objects, heights, or even suspicious persons.


School threats seem to be ever-present in the news. But active-shooters aren't the only reason for concern and security solutions. Today, more than ever, teachers are being attacked verbally and physically by students in school and have less parental support for discipline.

Utility Services

Working solo from great heights or depths, as well as handling electrical wiring and components as a worker on utility services has tremendous risk for injury and even death. This includes both city services and private utilities such as cable and phone companies.

Hospitality & Travel

The Upstate is a popular tourism and conference destination with hospitality services ranging from hotel accommodations to travel services. Lone workers often find themselves in rooms or buildings alone or with strangers.

Real Estate

Residential and commercial real estate agents and brokers are continually at risk by being alone in homes and buildings with prospective buyers and showcases. Residential realtors are at particular risk as they deal mainly with individuals rather than companies.

The fact is, as an organization it is essential to decrease your liability and protect your personnel assets. It is also critical to have an audit trail to show that your safety policies for solo workers is being adhered to. GenX Security can help. Please contact us for more information and pricing today by calling 866-598-4369 or by email to

2020 is the year that commercial and business security gets PERSonal with SoloProtect ID and GenX Security Solutions in Greenville and the Upstate!


Experience the next generation of interactive security services and solutions with GenX Security.

With custom security integration solutions come custom quotes designed for your needs. Please contact us by clicking here or calling 866-598-4369.


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