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Everyone who lives or works in a structure has some form of security system, be it as simple and primitive as a locking front door, glass paned windows, or a fence around the yard. The idea of locking something away from outside forces, from nature to other humans, goes back further than written history documents. Today, in our modern world with modern issues and even advanced and sophisticated threats to quiet enjoyment of property, leased or owned, more than locks and glass panes are necessary. 

At GenX Security, we specialize in complete security solutions using the most technologically advanced systems available, from keyless entry to facial recognition. A complete system encompasses all areas of security concern, including cameras, fire and life safety, access control, voice and retina activation, and more. 

We represent the most reputable brands in the industry and maintain the highest training, installation, and integration standards. A few of the systems we specialize in are featured in the album at right. To find out the best system for your home or commercial needs, our quotes are always free. 


Reduction in Business & Commercial Theft


Increase in Employee Efficiency


Of Convicted Burglars Avoid Homes with Security Cameras


Of Intruders Enter Through the Front Door

*Change after two years of CCTV security installation. International Journal of Commerce, Business and Management Vol. 3 No. 3, June 2014/Federal Bureaus of Investigation/UNC Dept. of Justice & Criminology Dec. 2012

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