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Haemonetics Corporation is considered world-wide to be the global leader in blood management solutions. With the company's own portfolio of branded devices, information management, and consulting services, Haemonetics provides solutions for every aspect of blood supply at all levels. The company recently underwent a multi-million dollar expansion at its Union, South Carolina facility. 


With the expansion of their manufacturing facility, the old access system was incapable of handling increased traffic and more cameras were required to monitor increased number of access points. Because of the biological and sanitary requirements of the building, all cameras had to be installed in a clean-room area for production which was then pressurized and sealed under strict timeline demands. Shutdown and restoration of the system had to be done in one day since there could be no down time.  


  • Replaced old dying access control system and integrated existing cameras into the new system while adding an additional 35 cameras and 15 doors in a new clean room.

  • Added gate interfaces. 

  • Created and controlled an interlocking door system in the clean room area where doors could only be opened one at a time to maintain critical pressurization.

  • Installed software on customer IT systems.

  • On-site client staff training on equipment and use.



Hikvision Cameras and S2 Security Access Control provided user-friendly application and clients with seamless integration together to provide Haemonetics with one interface.  


GenX Security successfully integrated all systems (both old and new) under critical deadlines and in a unique operational environment with tight restrictions. Today, truck deliveries to Haemonetics are able to efficiently enter the property, call the receiving desk to be granted access via video, intercom, and access control over a fiber network; all while being recorded in real-time. Additionally, now employees with proper credentials are permitted in the clean-room facility, also while being recorded in real-time.

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