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Employers must develop and implement appropriate policies...regarding temperature checks.

- From the Guidelines for Opening Up America Again 04/16/20

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ATTENTION: Businesses that want to easily and quickly get their employees back to work under

President Trump's 3-Phase pandemic plan for Opening Up America Again...

"HOW TO take mandatory temperature checks TOUCH-FREE through all 3 phases"


WITHOUT wasting time, productivity, or money so you can get back to work

BREAKING NEWS: South Carolina Businesses "Ready For Phase 2" as of 5/11/20

President Trump has unveiled his 3-Phase Plan and Guidelines for Opening Up America Again as of April 16, 2020, with specific requirements for employers. At ALL PHASES, employers must "develop and implement appropriate policies, in accordance with Federal, State, and local regulations and guidance, and informed by industry best practices" which include, in addition to sanitation and use and disinfection of common and high-traffic areas:


  •      Social distancing and PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT


  •      Testing, isolating, and contact tracing


But, how are you going to do that?  

1. Either you will have to pay a nurse practitioner or technician an average wage of $50/hr for however long this takes to manually take body temperatures of your employees for you, one by one, or,

2. After many hours spent worrying about the money the business lost due to significantly reduced and even completely stopped business, and how you are going to get open as soon as possible, you've found yourself at a crossroads with another faster, more affordable, and less disruptive solution but you have no idea what that is.


Not being prepared to make a new hire this quickly and not having another solution just leaves you back where you started...knowing that to reopen you're going to have to find a way to meet the guidelines, but not knowing how to do so both easily and without additional extreme financial strain.

Fortunately, there's a solution.  In fact, a complete solution that any of your employees can operate, including the receptionist.

Introducing the

Complete Thermal Camera +

Access Control Terminal

Our hand-picked and fully-integrated Thermal Camera Body Temperature Detection System is a complete, turn-key, stand-alone, hands-free, automated system that is easy to use, fast, has +/- 0.5-degree accuracy, can scan multiple people simultaneously with results in one second, and requires absolutely ZERO person-to-person contact.

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Without a simple, fast solution, the task of continually conducting temperature checks

on your employees daily will be a huge productivity, time, and resources drain.

Our Complete Thermal Camera System Crushes the Alternative


To understand what makes the Complete Thermal Camera Body Temperature Detection System such a powerful tool and solution, let's go over how it works and why we chose and compiled this system.


Thermal imaging is used by hospitals all over the nation for body temperature scanning already.  Medical professionals rely on thermal imaging and thermal cameras for a number of procedures.  Thermal temperature scanning is also being used extensively in certain countries worldwide during this pandemic during their recovery period to ensure the curve stays flattened.  These are countries who are ahead of the United States during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Perhaps you've read some news article that "experts" are debunking thermal technology for fever detection because "it doesn't measure inner-body temperature."  Well, if you've been to the doctor lately you'll know they don't measure inner-body temperature either because they don't need to.  They either use thermal imaging or they use a thermometer that is attached to a scanner that is ran across the forehead and down the side of the face.  Most doctors have completely phased out of thermometers that are stuck in the mouth or in the rectum because scanners are THAT accurate.   Our thermal temperature detection camera was developed specifically for body heat detection.  It does not diagnose COVID-19, but it does quickly and with high accuracy detect surface body temperatures.  At that time, the person with an elevated temperature can seek medical attention based on your company policies for testing and diagnosis by a licensed physician and either get treatment or get a clean bill of health and return to work.  

Additionally, the FDA (which does not require approval for use of this nature in commercial settings) released the following statement about the advantage of using thermal cameras for initial surface body temperature detection at businesses and other high-volume locations during COVID-19:

So, what is your alternative?  Have an expensive nurse practitioner on staff temporarily for an undetermined length of time taking one-by-one manual temperatures to stay within the guidelines, or get a system that can do it quicker with high accuracy and very discretely for a FRACTION of the cost?  

FDA Statement on Fever Detection with Th

Thermal cameras operate by converting the energy emitted from the surface of the skin into a two-dimensional image with a color picture whereby differing temperatures are represented by different colors. 


The thermal camera is specifically and carefully calibrated so that an abnormal temperature is very easy to detect and recorded in the software it is integrated with, with a +/- 0.5-degree range of accuracy in one second and for multiple people at one time.


If required, an audible or visual warning or alarm can be given so that the person monitoring the camera system can identify anyone with an irregular temperature.  


We've put this system together using our expertise in the security integration technology industry and hand-picked every component to be the best all-around system for ANY business.


We are also business owners who employ talented workers and we know first hand what it takes to build a business and keep a business. When times like this pop up unexpectedly and cause all your plans to suddenly full-stop, it's devastating.


There's a window of opportunity to get open faster and not continue to wait this out for however long it takes to just go away. No business can survive that kind of disruption.


Our technology is vetted. We've put together the finest system on the market, with the highest level of mobility and convenience.


We also realize that like some other security companies we could charge a lot more for this than we are. We've seen systems that are not even close to as good as ours that are going for upwards of $80,000 because they know that's still cheaper than having a nurse full-time taking temperatures for a year (or even just a few months!)  


We want Greenville back to business! Our customers need to get back to business. And, our residential customers need to get back to work.


Our Complete Thermal Camera Temperature Detection System​ is incredibly easy to use because we've taken care of all the set-up and connections.  It's so simple...


  • even if you have never operated a thermal camera before


  • even if you don't have any degree-holding or licensed medical staff on board

  • even if you ask the receptionist to be the one scanning people as they come into your office or facility





Position the system in the designated area you've chosen for temperature reading.  Choose from:

  • Wall mount

  • Desk mount

  • Stand-alone kiosk mount

Turn the system on. Don't worry! Our technicians will guide you every step of the way.

Have your designated person(s) monitor the screen for indications of temperatures over 100.4 and discretely notify anyone who triggered the auditory or visual alarm to seek medical clearance before returning to work. Save your record in the system for future reference. That's it! Need to go back and review the day's records, or all records? Everything is saved and documented in the system, making compliance a breeze!


Imagine What It Would Be Like To...

Spend just a mere second of time scanning multiple employees at the same time for the Plan Guideline of body temperature screening without the need for physical contact, rather than employees standing in a slow, long line, standing 6-feet apart, waiting for a nurse or medical technician you may have had to hire specifically for this job to manually take temperature readings the traditional way.

Stay open with more healthy employees while minimizing the risk of contact

Ramp up your productivity again and make up for lost time due to COVID-19

Discreetly identify and ask any employee to seek medical clearance before returning to work

Maintain complete records of your scanning and have the ability to trace contact of potentially infected employees as required by the 3-Phase plan

Spend a small fraction of what it would cost to bring a temporary full-time or part-time nurse practitioner or medic on board to manually take temperature readings

You can have all of these benefits, and more, with our

Complete Thermal Camera Body Temperature Detection System.

With the Complete Thermal Camera Body Temperature Detection System, You'll Get:


A 4-megapixel varifocal thermal bullet camera with surge protection and cabling


A choice between wall-mounting, desktop mounting, or stand-alone portable kiosk mounting.


A standalone Dell VMS server with a high definition 22" flat screen monitor, keyboard, and mouse


Commercial-grade metal rolling cart we will configure and build for you


Software for temperature readings that is already set up and integrated fully by us for your company with the camera and server


Four point POE switch for connectivity and power


Complete set-up, installation, and integration

But That's Not All...

When you purchase the Complete Thermal Camera Body Temperature Detection System
from GenX Security, you'll also receive:


Complete training by our technicians on how to use the complete camera system and software as well as ongoing support after set-up by our team of technicians.


We won't just deliver and leave you hanging to figure it out. We will make sure you are ready to go, trained, and be there to troubleshoot.

Our Complete Thermal Camera Access Control System is affordable for 

ANY SIZE Business!


Nurse Practitioner

$50.00/hr average

If you had to pay a nurse practitioner or medical technician to come in even part-time for however long the duration of the President's 3-Phase Plan takes to complete, which could be 6 months or longer, it would cost significantly more than this system! The average hourly rate for a nurse practitioner in 2020 is approximately $50/hr on average.  If you need someone for three months you are looking at $26,000.  If you need this practitioner for six months that's $52,000!  

And, that's just for the average nurse practitioner during NORMAL demand, not during a time when all businesses have to monitor employee body temperatures because of a viral pandemic. 

We are making this Complete Thermal Camera Body Temperature Detection System available for a fraction of that. 


Also, our technology won't ever miss a day of work and will always be on time. 

You're getting an incredible value...
Minimum of $26,000 worth of professional temperature checking services if the President's 3-Phase Guidelines for Opening Up America Again plan takes the minimum estimate of 3 months, and significantly more if longer...
Bonus full training on use of the system and software for any person you designate in your company, with troubleshooting service thereafter, which runs $1,000 minimum...
The potential for and monetary value of getting your business going 2X, 3X, or 4X faster than what you're getting now during the shut down, and then staying open by keeping your company and employees healthy, and in compliance with the mandatory business guidelines set forth by the President's plan...
That's worth at least $26,000 for 3 months, $52,000 for 6 months, and even $104,000 for a full year PLUS the system and software is your company's property forever.

But because there is a better way, an easier way, and we want to help as many businesses get back up and running ASAP, we are offering everything in this complete system for an incredible price, a mere fraction of the cost of a nurse, right now.
MinMoe Touch Free Access Control Termina

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There's One More Benefit...

What do I do with the thermal camera system after this is all over?  Let it collect dust?


After COVID-19, your terminal will already be integrated into your overall security and access control system, complete with facial recognition, time and attendance features, and shifts.  This is a system for the long term, not just for pandemic purposes.



Don't Delay!

President Trump has just unveiled his 3-Phase Plan on April 16th! 


All businesses who want to reopen and stay open during the COVID-19 pandemic are required to follow specific guidelines that include body temperature checks of all employees returning to work AND utilizing protective equipment.


There are only so many technicians we have on staff and ready to go to businesses located in Greenville and throughout the Upstate to set up our system, so you must ACT QUICKLY before supplies are backed up while companies do whatever they need to do to get open again ASAP.


The functionality of this system, the time it will save your business, the assistance it will give to your productivity during a time where extra measures must be taken out of the norm, and the training is equivalent to many thousands of dollars more you'd be spending for a medical professional to take manual temperatures.


When you use our complete Thermal Camera Body Temperature Detection System you will get back to work faster, stay open by following the guidelines, and maximize your potential to recover from the closed economy due to COVID-19 and become profitable again.

By making a small investment in the Complete Thermal Body Temperature Detection System, you can experience the difference between staying closed and sluggishly reentering the market and getting back on track fast and into the black by getting open and staying open and healthy!

Contact us to learn more about this system for your location.

Please contact us by filling out the contact form or by contacting sales directly:

Spencer Mehr

Director of Sales

Direct Line: (864) 350-3593


Get a quote: 866-598-4369

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