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Research: Americans Report How Home Deliveries and Safety Has Changed This Year

According to a survey of 2,000 Americans by OnePoll for, the average person now receives 10 home deliveries a month: a 60% increase from the pre-pandemic average of 6. It's a trend that's likely to stick.

With social distancing and shortages in stores as a root cause, we're using home deliveries to get everything from clothing to essentials like milk and toilet paper, as well as to support local businesses. Along the way, we're discovering extra benefits that we'll want to keep—as well as a few new worries to navigate. Here's what the research revealed:

We're waking up to the benefits of home deliveries.

  • 53% of Americans have ordered a delivery to support a local business in the last year.

  • 48% say that home deliveries feel safer than shopping in stores.

  • 44% say that deliveries are more convenient.

  • 36% say the items they need are sometimes sold out in stores, or online-only.

  • 70% say that they appreciate delivery workers more than they used to.

Safety worries don't stop at the front door.

Pre-pandemic, package theft was the main concern for online shoppers. Today's deliveries arrive with new concerns: worries about our health, and the health of others.

  • 29 % of Americans worry about being exposed to germs at the front door

  • Two out of five now wash their hands after handling packages.

  • One third disinfect their deliveries before opening them.

  • One in six let their packages sit unopened to give germs time to die.

We're still wary of opening the door to strangers.

Although we're concerned about deliveries being left outside, we're also hesitant to open our doors when they arrive.

  • 68% of Americans say they don't open their door unless they're certain they know who's on the other side.

  • 35% wait until delivery drivers leave before they open the door.

  • 31% are worried about potential burglars posing as delivery drivers to case their home.

  • 41% say they don't trust that visitors are always who they say they are.

Help is at hand—and it's hands-free.

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