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Movie and Plotline Using Only Public Surveillance Camera Footage

We take our anonymity for granted. Here in the United States, while there is surveillance in most public places at some level, we have no where near the level of public surveillance that is pervasive in China.

In fact, a Chinese-born filmmaker named Xu Bing has scoured so much publically available online surveillance footage that he was able to compose an entire movie with an actual plot (and voice over) using only surveillance from thousands of cameras.

Perhaps at first thought of this project the film sounds like a bore, think again. The film debuted at the New York Film Festival just last month, and will be featured next at the Denver International Film Festival, but clips are available online and the footage is at times absolutely shocking and action packed.

Here is a sneak peek of the film entitled "Dragonfly Eyes" from YouTube. You may never look the same way at surveillance footage again! Imagine if none of this were caught on camera? And, while fascinating to watch, one can't help but wonder if this were footage taking from US surveillance cameras that there could be legal ramifications for featuring these unsuspecting individuals in a film without prior consent, especially given some of the highly personal and sensitive content captured via CCTV, webcams, and live-streams. In China not only will you be under continual surveillance but it will be streaming over the internet, apparently with access by anyone.


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