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Biggest Motivators for Purchasing a Home Security System - Survey Results

Have you ever seen crime videos on social media and felt the need to get your home security habits and system up to speed? Well, according to a new survey by ConsumerAffairs, social media is one of the top motivators for homeowners to invest in a home security system!

The objective of the ConsumerAffairs study of 1,000 participants was to measure home security habits, and in the analysis of the data found some surprising statistics. Here is a brief rundown of what the survey revealed about home security habits, motivation, and decision making:

The biggest motivators for purchasing a security system:

  1. 48% cited crime content they watched on social media, with Instagram being the most influential platform

  2. 46% reported that their motivation came from high local crime rates

  3. 33% claimed stolen packages were their top motivator

A whopping 75% of homeowners reported that once they installed security cameras around their home they saw suspicious behavior they did not notice before!

The top 5 most recent security purchases reported were:

  1. Doorbell cameras

  2. Security system with alarm

  3. A dog

  4. Motion detectors

  5. Motion-activated floodlights

Survey respondents who already had security cameras were asked how often they check the camera footage. The data revealed the following:

  • 36% check their cameras a few times per day regularly

  • 35% check their cameras one time per day

  • 24% check their cameras a few times per week but not every day

  • 5% reported that they never check their security cameras

In terms of home security habits, one of the most surprising points of data revealed that 57% of Americans don't bother to regularly check that their doors are locked at night!

With the increased awareness of consumers about criminal activity in and around neighborhoods like their own, mostly due to social media exposure of security camera footage and other crime videos on platforms such as Instagram, more emphasis has been placed on understanding the best deterrents to criminal behavior. According to the report Understanding Decision to Burglarize from the Offender's Perspective, the #1 deterrent for criminal behavior is security cameras/surveillance. The #2 deterrent is a burglar alarm.

To access the full results of the survey, visit the ConsumerAffairs webpage:

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