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Memorial United Methodist Church of Greer is a large campus style property which consists of four separate buildings, with one housing the church preschool.  There were old systems in place which did not integrate together, including inefficient keying and re-keying of locks that created vulnerabilities, lack of tracking, time lost going from building to building with separate entry requirements, and inability to manage multiple door access control during busy service times.  Additionally, due to various building structures and materials, internet coverage was inconsistent and spotty, creating further gaps in security and communication.      


Utilization of discreet security cameras campus-wide and being able to create an efficient, reliable and non-confusing multi-tiered access control system for every major door with fobs, internet-based access scheduling and permissions, and apps for viewing video surveillance were the primary goals.  Additionally, Memorial United Methodist needed an automated locking system for controlling multiple entry points for all Sunday services, and any other day as needed, as well as a two-way audio doorbell camera that could be controlled from the office and access granted remotely.  Finally, having the entire campus rewired in a simple, clean, and weather-protected way to guarantee efficiently working high-speed internet access anywhere on campus was essential. 


  • Created a system to control every major door with trackable fobs which could also be set to various access permissions per user.

  • Replaced the CEP (preschool) check-in system and put the entire campus on the same access-control technology and software.

  • Built access points on four very different door styles with precision and proficiency.

  • Installed multiple security cameras strategically and discreetly throughout campus with TV viewing capabilities in two designated executive offices.

  • Designed and implemented an automatic and programmed locking system for all main entry points to the sanctuary.

  • Trained church staff on how to manage the system themselves efficiently and effectively.



S2 Security Access Control browser-based system controlling 14 entry points, with 5 doors utilizing AD400 Allegion Lockset wireless technology to retain the integrity and beauty of the original sanctuary doors.  Ubiquiti Wireless Access Points were placed throughout campus to fix the connectivity issues.  Aiphone video door stations were placed in two buildings to control access for guests without key fobs.  Hikvision cameras installed in 15 locations including the perimeter, parking lots, and playgrounds, including a Hikvision PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) security camera programmed to scan the parking lot and the playground at specific times during a 24-hour period.  


GenX Security successfully delivered on every promise made to Memorial United Methodist Church, and accommodated shifting questions and requests.  As reported by the church, the access levels, fobs, doors, apps, internet logins, and Wi-Fi work exactly as intended, with deeper aspects of the system still being explored.  If a preschool parent does not return their fob, the administrator can simply cancel it.  If a church member starts a new task with elevated access, the administrator can log in and easily change the access level. In the occasion someone is locked out, anyone with the app can verify them and grant access remotely.  Volunteers feel more secure knowing it is easy to see if someone needs help in another area of campus, or if there is a possible threat.  There is no longer the need to rekey all locks when a key is compromised or lost.  The security of the children attending preschool and in child care is greatly enhanced with entry and exit tracking capabilities and the addition of the PTZ camera focused on the playground.  Granting access to vendors and visitors is efficient and simplified, and more secure.  And, coordinating multiple sanctuary entry points on busy Sundays and during events is no longer a burdensome or daunting task on the shoulders of one person with the transition to an automatic, programmed door access system.  

Memorial United Methodist Church of Gree

S2 Access Control

AD400 Allegion Lockset

AD-400 Allegion Lockset

Ubiquiti Wireless Access Points

Ubiquiti Wireless Access Points

Aiphone - JO-Series-Entry-Level-Video-In

Aiphone Two-Way Audio Video Doorbell

Hikvision Value Express Series_edited

Hikvision Value Express Series Security Cameras

Hikvision PTZ Camera

Hikvision PTZ Outdoor Camera

"We presented GenX Security with an Excel spreadsheet with every name, number, and access level we wanted and waited for the materials to arrive.  They delivered on every single promise, and they were friendly and responsive. They were fun and cool to hang out with, patient with every question, and able to adapt to our shifting questions and requests."  
                              - Memorial United Methodist Church of Greer
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